The Continuing Saga of Caitlyn “the Bruce” Jenner

The latest news in the bizarre saga of Bruce Jenner is that he may “de-transition.” This is progressive-speak for he’s going to stop wearing a dress and painting his nails and go back to presenting himself as the gender he was born with – namely male.

According to recent reports, a close friend says Bruce is considering this because, among other reasons, of his continued interest in women:

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“She’s still into women and wants to meet the right one,” says the source.

This brings up a host of questions for the “transgender” crowd and their supporters.

Was he delusional then, or is he delusional now? Was he being “true to himself” then, or now? If he was really a woman all those years before he transitioned, will he still be one when he de-transitions? If he’s a really a man once he de-transitions, was he really a woman before he did so? If not, was he really a man after all before he transitioned? Will we have to change the pronouns again? If I still call him Caitlyn after the de-transition, am I still a bigot?

What does his interest in women have to do with not wanting to be one himself? I thought sex, gender and sexual orientation were all independently moving parts tethered to nothing other than feelings. Why can’t he be Caitlyn the Lesbian if he still likes women? Is he saying there’s something wrong with being a lesbian? If not, why wouldn’t he want to be one if he really is a woman and really is attracted to women?

And most important of all, is the “transgender” community going to support his de-transition to the degree they supported his transition? If not, on what basis will they claim he’s doing the wrong thing? If so, on what basis will they claim he did the right thing in becoming Caitlyn?

This is all so clear and logical. I can’t see why anyone would be opposed to completely revamping culture and public policy to accommodate the feelings of the transgendered.

Larry Farlow

Larry is a native of the Atlanta area were he lives with his wife and three children. He works as a project manager in the telecommunications industry and serves as an elder and Bible study teacher in his local church. Larry enjoys reading and writing about theology, history, politics and culture. You can read more of his work at

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