Constitution Party Candidate Darrell Castle: “Mr. Trump Doesn’t Know” What the Constitution is!

We are now entering mid-August in a presidential election year and the GOP candidate for President, Donald Trump, has yet to consolidate the Republican and conservative vote. In years past, conservatives have been quite unhappy with the eventual candidate whether it be Bob Dole, John McCain, or even Mitt Romney, but we were all (generally) able to come together to face the liberal Democrats across the aisle. Sadly, Mr. Trump hasn’t been able to mend those fences and bring the party together, yet.

In 2014 in the wake of another failed moderate candidate one pundit even commented on the core problem.

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Well, the Constitution Party’s Darrell Castle sounds like he agrees with the 2012 version of Sean Hannity. Castle was recently a guest on the Blaze TV network where he discussed his candidacy for the presidency and whether or not Donald Trump was actually a conservative, and who conservatives should be supporting come November.

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Bob Bennett at Tea Party Nation has a fuller transcript, but here are some of the highlights:

On Donald Trump:

As I said the Constitution is very important, and Mr. Trump doesn’t even know what it is. If I said observe the law, he would say, “What law?” He’s a businessman, he thinks the government can be run like a business, he just tells people what to do and they do it. In government we have limits, and that limit is the Constitution. It tells the president what his power is and what his power is not, so that’s a very big difference.

Are Obama and Ted Cruz Constitutionally Qualified to be President?

When you can’t refute a person’s ideas, when you can’t argue with his principles, you have to attack him personally. When you argue in favor of constitutional government you’re going to be attacked personally. That’s the way it is. If you want to use those labels, I don’t accept them. I’m not a birther; I don’t know where Barack Obama was born…I think Senator Cruz—as I’ve said many times—is highly qualified and if I had been a Republican, which I’m not, I would’ve voted for him in the primaries.

On Abortion:

I’m very pro-life; I make no apologies for that. I think the Constitution is quite clear that no person may be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process. The government gets around that by just redefining what a person is. And saying those living inside their mothers are not persons.

Well, we’ve done that before. When you concede to the government the right to decide what a person is, you’re in very dangerous territory, so we’re pro-life. That’s number one.

On Gay Marriage:

I’m a Christian, so I’m opposed to same-sex marriage, in fact, I don’t think it exists. I think God defines what marriage is; but if a same sex couple came to me, and I were president of the United States, and [they] said, “Look, we’re married, here’s a Catholic priest a Protestant Minister, and a civil magistrate who’ll testify to that, I’d say, “I don’t care what those people say, to me you’re not married, because God defines what marriage is.” To me, that’s irrelevant, I don’t care, it has nothing to do with the government. 

On Free Trade vs. Free Trade Agreements:

I don’t talk a lot about tariffs…it’s part of our platform, it was part of the original intent of the Founders as to how they wanted to raise revenue. But whether we like it or not, this is a global world right now, and it’s a pretty tough sale to tell people that everything they buy is going to cost more, although without an income tax, they might find it quite refreshing. But I don’t have a problem with free trade; I have a problem with free trade agreements, because they surrender the sovereignty of the United States to international corporations and bureaucrats unaccountable to the American people. If we want to work out a deal with Mexico, for example, where we can trade with each other without tariffs, that’s fine with me.

On Helping the Constitution Party and Darrell Castle:

Well, they could go to our website, which is, and they’ll find a button on there, where they can donate money, which I’ll admit we desperately need. And if they wanted to reach the campaign to volunteer, they could just e-mail my campaign manager, that would be

You can also find the Constitution Party platform and Darrell Castle’s personal stance on the most important political issues at their website

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