Constitution Day and What It Means for America in 2018

Sure, it’s not the most prominent of our patriotic holidays, and it may not be the most understood, but Constitution Day is important all the same.

Here’s the deal:  We look at the signing of the Declaration of Independence to be our symbolic date of establishment in America.  In reality, of course, we still had a whole lot of work left to do in terms of becoming the great nation that we are today.  So, another Holiday was devised – the aforementioned “Constitution Day” celebrated, you guessed it, today; September 17th.

And, to be fair, the date of September 17th didn’t actually become significant until 1787; 11 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  This is and of itself speaks to the importance of the document, in that it took over a decade for these newly free Americans to iron out all of the kinks of the new nation.  This is a particularly troublesome fact for our radical leftist friends who believe that they can argue away things like the Right to Bear Arms with flippant and flimsy ideologies.

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Back in the formative days before the Constitution was signed, however, all was not necessarily well…

In May of 1787, the willing participants journeyed to the very same Philadelphia building where the Declaration of Independence had been signed. True, these men had once banded together to fight as brothers against a common enemy, but now they were deeply distrustful of one another. Small states were suspicious of large states. The nation was divided over slavery. Every delegate arrived wanting something — but few were willing to sacrifice anything. In such a contentious environment, reaching compromise would be tough. More than a dozen delegates quit and went home before the convention’s end.

But, from struggle comes triumph.

The 39 who remained signed the U.S. Constitution. They jettisoned the limp and lifeless Articles of Confederation for a robust and rigorous document that provided the framework for an enduring system of government (at more than 230 years old, the U.S. Constitution is the oldest functioning constitution in the world).

So, as we see the world around us continue to devolve into madness, let’s take a moment to remember just how difficult it was for us to even get this far, and the reality that we still have the most beautiful and liberty-laden land on the planet, despite the efforts of the enemies of freedom.

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