Conservatives Should Be Glad That Harriet Tubman is Replacing Andrew Jackson On $20 Bill

The Treasury Department announced Wednesday that it will be replacing the portrait of Andrew Jackson on front of the $20 bill with that of abolitionist and Underground Railroad guide Harriet Tubman.

The decision came after the initial plan to replace Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill was nixed when Hamilton proved to have an unexpectedly strong fan base, probably due to the recent Pulitzer Prize-winning play about his life, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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Harriet_Tubman_Civil_War_WoodcutJackson’s image will still appear on the back of the $20 bill, alongside a picture of the White House, but it’s Tubman who will have star billing.

Predictably, the Internet exploded with complaints, many of them racist. To some extent, it’s understandable that there might be an initial negative reaction to the change because this is a clear case where certain liberals think they can wag a finger at everybody else and pretend they are morally superior.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has admitted that the goal was to put a woman on the currency. Let’s be honest — liberals pushing for the change thought they were going to somehow stick it to conservatives by replacing a white male president with a black female abolitionist. That’s just how the liberal mind works.

In many cases, the negative reaction is really to liberals’ hypocritical display of “tolerance” that just shows their in-tolerance of conservatives. (That doesn’t make excuses for the racist stuff, obviously.)

As usual, though, liberals’ ignorance of history and of conservatism has bitten them in the rear end, and conservatives should be glad for the change to the $20 bill, after they have a good laugh at liberals’ expense.

One, we’ve had women on the currency before. Martha Washington, Lady Liberty and Lady Justice have all made appearances in the past. So that’s nothing new.

Two, the white male being replaced, President Jackson, was a racist, a slave owner and — ta-da! — co-founder of the modern Democratic Party.

Three, Tubman was a gun-toting, anti-slavery, conservative black woman who defied her government to do what was right and defend the principles of individual liberty at risk of her life — in short, if she were alive today, she would be the perfect pro-Second Amendment constitutional conservative, probably a Tea Party member and all-around bad-ass.

What conservatives should lobby for is that the portrait of Tubman show her with rifle in hand, dressed for one of her Underground Railroad secret missions.

There is a long list of liberal celebrities who get passed off as role models — like Cesar Chavez or some outright villains like Che Guevara. The Treasury Department could have foisted any one of scores of phonies on the American public.

But Harriet Tubman was the real deal, an American who risked her life to help others at a time when government refused to protect many of its citizens because of their skin color and social standing.

She’s a hero in my book.

She deserves to be on the twenty.


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