Conservatives Cover for CNN not Trump

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It absolutely blows my mind that in the name of “calling a spade a spade” we are going to cover for CNN.

There’s lots of pundits out there that believe that somehow we need to play nice and we should not be lumping CNN with Buzzfeed.  I’m giving this one article and author as just one example.  There’s many more conservatives saying the same. Their punditry and survival instincts kick in when these conservatives make such statements. They want to be relevant within their media circles and feel they won’t be if they don’t bat for CNN.  They also have a litany of friends and colleagues and have worked for CNN as analysts in the past.  They feel they need these contacts in order to adequately make a living at what they do. They wear two hats. They wear the conservative activist hat and they wear the reporter/pundit hat.

Why should we treat CNN any differently then we do liberal Democrats?

There’s a poignant phrase that Rush has made over and over again.  “The Media is the Democrat Party”.  Is not the Democrat Party the enemy of freedom? Is the media the enemy of conservatism and the champion of the Democrat party or not? Why should we go out of  our way to give them a free pass.  Trump has provided the correct template.  Let’s treat them for who they really are.  They are the enemies of freedom.  We must not work with them. We should never appease them. The media must be defeated and our boots must be on their neck daily. Why should we give cover to a fake news organization like CNN who’s hell bent on the destruction of our country?

For all the hand-wringing from conservatives that we need to defeat the media, isn’t Trump doing just that?

We’ve been hearing for years that the GOP Senate is spineless. They are more concerned what the New York Times think.  Guess what?  Trump could give a rip about all of them. He’s becoming the champion of the people.  Conservatives who go out of their way for CNN are only building Trump into the champion his hardcore supporters believe he is. Trump spits in the media’s face. He taunts them. He tortures them.  He rips the media’s precious narrative out of their chest and feeds it to them. The media right now is in a tizzy.  They had their narrative destroyed by Trump. CNN is pissed at Buzzfeed and trying to distance themselves from them.  People don’t understand.  Trump has decimated the Media and have rendered them impotent. The eye of Sauron has fallen and Trump critics from the right haven’t got the memo yet.

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