Conservative Women use Twitter to Respond to the Liberal #DayWithoutAWoman

As thousands, and perhaps even millions, of liberal women across the nation eschew work today to instead show solidarity in fighting the “patriarchy” that is America, conservative women are instead choosing to “show up.”

While Twitter and other social media organizations will ensure that #DayWithoutAWoman is the #1 trending hashtag today, it’s important to note that conservative women are coopting their own hashtag to show their opposition to the liberal protest.

Responding to the foolishness that is #DayWithoutAWoman conservative American women have been arriving at work all morning and tweeting #WeShowUp and #NotMyProtest to remind the world that the protests they’ll see on TV don’t represent all American women. Remember, President Trump won nearly 45% of American women voters in November, so while Democrats like to pretend that they have the market cornered in understanding women, the truth is that more women will SHOW UP to work today than will be marching in the streets.

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Here are some of the brave women who are doing the “right” thing today:



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