Conservative: Vote Your Conscience against Hillary!

The idea that to vote your conscience has become a #NeverTrump slogan is an offense against facts and logic.

Ted Cruz’s call to “vote your conscience” elicited boos at the Republican National Convention. Lots of #NeverTrump people got all snarky as if anyone was admitting that such a rule would eliminate Donald Trump as a possible vote for a conservative.


Voting your conscience was already being used to justify overturning the Republican primaries and allowing the delegates to choose a new candidate. In the context of refusing to endorse Donald Trump, exhorting voters to vote according to their consciences was implying that Donald Trump was unworthy of a conservative’s vote.

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Donald Trump has done and said lots of things that conservatives should disapprove of, but is that any different than voting for Bush, or McCain, or Romney?

Conservatives, frankly, have never had a conservative candidate to vote for in the general election.

What they do have is the best possible opportunity to thwart horrific evil and corruption and to gain conservative influence.

The speculations that Donald Trump won’t uphold the promises he made on abortion, judges, protection of Christians, and immigration are just that: speculations.

Hillary Clinton’s problems are much worse and they aren’t speculations.

If nothing else, Trump will face constant scrutiny by the media and the government. We already know that Hillary is above the law and has the media shamelessly campaigning for her.

Trump has already done things as a candidate that can’t be undone. For instance, neither Democrat nor Republican politicians ever wanted the public to realize that a man could attack the Iraq War as a lying sham and still win South Carolina by a large majority. Even if Trump loses, the establishment will not be healing from that loss of face any time soon.

Now we have the Democrats and the media working overtime to restart the Cold War and accuse Trump of siding with Putin. As if American voters should care more about Russia’s politics than about the issues of Islamic terrorism, immigration, and the economy.

Amazingly, the Clintons are actually entangled in corrupt support of Russia, but Trump gets attacked for it.

Trump, for all his faults, is still the only candidate to defy political correctness.

As a conservative, I think to vote your conscience is obviously to vote for a Trump presidency over a Hillary presidency. If fact, I’m sure that all conservatives are hoping that Trump beats Hillary. But some think that voting for him will get their hands “dirty.”

No. You’re not supporting Trump by voting for him; you’re simply doing what little you can to give us and our children a better future than we would have otherwise.

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