Conservative Trump Critics Can’t Handle Winning

Trump’s harshest critics on the right have a bad habit of getting him wrong on everything.

There’s a common theme that’s being floated that Trump represents the rise of the “growth of populist demagoguery. Their thought process suggests that voters want a president who’s going to do whatever it takes to push through his agenda.  The conclusion is that the “Trump effect” is a knee jerk reaction. People will run to the nearest leader who wants to “burn it down’ and won’t care what their leader believes or how he plans on burning down the system. It will result in supporting a nationalistic regime that’s as lawless as Obama.

Republicans have shown weakness for so long that we don’t know what winning looks like anymore.

Donald Trump shattered the current paradigm. It’s completely freaked everyone out, including critics on the right. Trump has used tactics and rhetoric that  have never been used before in a political campaign. Republicans running for elected office usually live and die by the pen. They perceive the media as something they need to tame.  They need to duck and cover. Trump went after them with full force. He also didn’t hold  anything back taking down  Hillary Clinton. Fighting fire with fire.  Guess what.  Voters  liked it. I had an interesting conversation with a longtime friend of mine a couple of months ago. I told him I thought Trump did an incredible job in debate #3 and completely defeated Hillary. His reaction at the time was that Trump should of taken the high road and he didn’t look  good.  I reminded my friend that the “high road” is paved with very nice well groomed former Republican presidential nominees that lost.

Nationalism is a dangerous label to assign anyone.

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I’m not a big fan of people throwing around the term “nationalism”.  You  better have rock solid proof that someone is on the same par as a Hitler, Stalin, Mao.  Pick  your garden variety tyrant.  Assigning the label Nationalism to  Trump is way off in my opinion.  Aren’t we conservatives always being compared to Hitler for our beliefs? Don’t liberals paint conservatives as “so far right” they are nationalistic fascist Nazis? Why in the world are we using the same lame tactic as the left? How is being fiercely against illegal immigration considered Nationalistic? How is wanting our country to succeed Nationalistic? Reagan talked about America being a shining city on a hill. Was he being Nationalistic?

There’s a tribalistic battle raging on between conservative play makers attempting to try to stay relevant.

The Never Trump movement lead by noted Conservative pundits and leaders has backfired. I don’t discredit people voting their conscience however, you lose objectivity when you decide to take a Never Trump position as a pundit or commentator.  All the Never Trump punditry on the right predicted he would lose this election. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.   The way of dealing with the media, the democrats and getting things done have all changed with Donald J. Trump.   Throwing the kitchen sink at the system is not some sign of some Nationalistic uprising.  It’s a sign of the weak  ineffective methods used by conservative activists. Its a sign they have failed miserably. Your so called disciplined messaging is a joke. We want someone who’s going to use every tool available at their disposal to right the ship. Your methods suck. Trump’s methods won him states that haven’t been won by Republicans in 30 years.

How’s your small ball politics workin out for ya?

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