Conservative Students Oppose UNLV Becoming Sanctuary Campus

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There has been much knee-jerk reaction to the election of Trump. Now that Donald Trump is set to be our next President, many fear what he will do, especially in the area of illegal immigration.

Trump promised to deport those here illegally. This even extended to those that are in the category of “dreamer.” The largest reaction has come from the university. Students have been calling on their schools to declare themselves a “sanctuary campus.” And though it is not entirely clear what that means or entails, some have begun to push back against the call.

Heat Street reports

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UNLV is one of them; a petition delivered to the university president last week had almost a thousand signatures, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. Now, the Campus Conservatives have sponsored the counter-petition, with four or five members drafting it.

“We oppose becoming a sanctuary campus because we don’t think a university—especially a federally funded university—should be deciding what federal laws they follow,” says Jordan Escoto, a senior who co-founded the Campus Conservatives a month and a half ago.

And before we go off and stop reading because we think that this is some posh white guy who hates Mexicans, Escoto is an American of Mexican decent. And one who make a very good point.

This issue has nothing to do with race, color, or point of origin. This has to do with the law. Do we obey the law? Are these federally funded schools following the federal laws or are they openly defying them?

There is also the question of what Trump will do about this once he becomes president. Will Trump and the State Department seek to punish these schools like they will the cities that refuse to uphold the law?

The Atlantic reports

Could a Trump administration, with backing from Congress, also threaten to withhold federal funding for colleges by, say, refusing to issue student loans to students at sanctuary campuses? Could they withhold federal research grants? It’s hard to say right now.

This could become a serious and distracting situation.

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