Conservative Senator Explains that Federalism is a Native American Concept

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is among the most conservative voices in Congress today and he has been a consistent and stoic warrior for conservative values since his first day in office. He is also among the most intelligent people serving in Congress and he recently wrote a book that reminds America about the Founding Fathers who aren’t often mentioned in our history classes. In particular Senator Lee speaks of Canassatego as one of his favorite Founding Fathers. Canassatego was an Iroquois Indian chief who should be regarded among the most important of founders because it was he who birthed the idea of federalism in the mind of Benjamin Franklin, who passed the idea on to Thomas Jefferson.

This is about other Founders, whose stories were written out of history because they were inconvenient. They don’t necessarily match the modern narrative…

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One of my favorites is Canassatego, the Iroquois Indian chief.

In many respects Canassatego is himself responsible for federalism, for this concept that we followed for a long time –and we’ve neglected in recent decades– that most power suppose to be at the state and local level and not in Washington, D.C.

This is not a European concept, this is more than anything a Native American concept, that Benjamin Franklin got from Canassatego and Franklin then transferred to the other Founding Fathers.

You can hear more of the story of theIroquois people and Canassatego in the following educational video:

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