Conservative Senator “Dismantles” Obama’s Obamacare Lies!

“In a mini-tweetstorm this afternoon, Ben Sasse systematically dismantled several of Obama’s favorite claims about his precious Affordable Care Act.”

Twitchy on Senator Ben Sasse.

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Conservative Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) is a social media genius. He regularly takes to Twitter and Facebook to connect with his constituents in an effort to hear from them, and to relate to them what he believes and how he’s responding to new and diverse government initiatives. This past week Sasse snapped after hearing President Obama once again misinforming the American people about Obamacare.

The Nebraska Senator jumped on Twitter, and in a hail of tweets, dismantled Obama’s lies and laid bare the truth that Obamacare was an unparalleled disaster.


Never change, Senator Sasse. Never change.

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