Conservative Senator Ben Sasse on Defending Life

The brilliant conservative Senator, Ben Sasse (R-NE), participated in this weekend’s March for Life and afterwards he had a message of support, encouragement, and love for his fellow pro-lifers.

From Facebook:

The crowd at today’s March for Life was so impressive, we ran up on the roof and into the crowds to document it. It has to be seen to be believed.

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Today’s March for Life is a reminder of what makes this country great: Americans peacefully exercising their God-given rights to speak up for the vulnerable and voiceless.

This crowd doesn’t always win news cycles or headlines but it’s enormous and reflects its members—it’s gracious, young, and full of love and compassion. I see a diverse, young, joyful, and fearless crowd—marching for the millions who never had a chance. You read the signs, you hear the chants, you listen to the prayers and the stories and you realize that this is a March and a movement that is so much bigger than the bicep, or the gun, or the assertion of raw power.

The prolife movement isn’t just about legislative activism: it’s about persuasion and persuasion means speaking with civility and compassion. This is a movement dedicated to speaking the truth in love to care for babies and their moms.

And if we forget this, if we make power and political biceps—rather than love—the sum, center, and guiding principle of our cultural debates, we will ultimately lose our cheerful fight.

Thanks for standing for life. Thanks for marching. Thanks for speaking up. Together, let’s rededicate ourselves to make the investment, to love our neighbor, and to do our part to protect life.

Onan Coca

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