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Conservative Pundit Tomi Lahren Preparing Lawsuit for Glenn Beck


The media as a whole has had an interesting year so far, with a myriad of scandals, network-jumpers, hirings, firings, and a bevy of lawsuits.

Now, conservative icon Tomi Lahren is adding her own litigious spirit to the mix after being terminated by The Blaze, owned by right wing icon Glenn Beck.

“Young conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren is suing her former employer, The Blaze, and its founder Glenn Beck for wrongful termination after Lahren acknowledged being pro-choice on an episode of ‘The View,’ according to a complaint first reported by the Dallas Morning News.

“Lahren’s show was suspended indefinitely the Monday after making those comments.

“The suit also alleges that Lahren’s bosses ordered her to stay silent on social media, where she has millions of followers. Lahren’s work email was deactivated and coworkers taped an ‘X’ on her dressing room door, the lawsuit also claims.

“Lahren’s suit is asking the judge to grant a temporary restraining order, which would allow her to speak freely and prevent The Blaze from destroying any evidence related to her suspension. She is also asking for attorney’s fees and costs, along with any and all other relief to which she might be entitled.”

Although Lahren’s “pro-choice” comment may not have sat well with the lively and animated Beck and others at The Blaze, we must look at the bigger governmental picture in the context of abortion.

Former congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, who has delivered over 4,000 babies in his lifetime in the medical field, has previously toed the line between pro-choice and pro-life without nearly the backlash that Lahren is taking.  Paul, whose libertarian ideals radiate from the very core of his political being, has often alluded to his personal belief that all life is precious, but that the government should have no say in the personal decisions that people would make.

While this is a very libertarian ideal, and falls far closer to the center of social politics than Beck and The Blaze would like, there does seem to be some room for debate on the subject of the government’s role in any elective medical procedure in a truly free society.  Again, we have to consider that this libertarian purism could only exist in a much different world than we live in today, where all drugs are legal and the federal government is one-fifth of its current size. but

Even so, this debate will rage on long after Tomi Lahren finds a new job.

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