Conservative Pundit says there is No Hope – Democrats will Never Work with Trump

Conservative pundit, free speech champion, and brilliant intellectual, Ben Shapiro appeared on Fox News to talk with host Dana Perino about the recent White House political moves and if President Trump was still hoping that Democrats might work with him.

Shapiro, ever the realist, told Perino that he hopes President Trump has finally realized just how polarized the nation is and just how dead-set the Democrats were to stand against Trump.

When Perino asked Shapiro if he thought that there was a chance that Democrats might work with Trump, Shapiro made an allusion to the beloved comic strip, Peanuts.

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I think this is Lucy and the football. I think that Democrats are going to say to Trump, “Yes, come work with us; we’ll be your best friends,” and then the minute that Trump makes those moves, they’ll immediately say, “Ah! Just kidding. You’re terrible,” because the fact is that Trump’s approval rating among Democrats right now is in single digits. This is the most polarized electorate that we’ve seen in our lifetimes, and so the idea that they’re going to start cutting deals with Trump, what’s the incentive? Right now, the best thing that they can do is to sort of take the Nancy Pelosi approach in 2005, which is just yell at the president, talk about how terrible he is, hope to fundraise. They’re setting record-fundraising records off of hating Trump. I don’t see the political logic that would suggest that they’re going to start making broad-ranging deals even if Trump makes significant concessions, and again, he’s not going to make concessions significant enough that Democrats are ever going to accept it.

Perino then wondered how Trump as a President needing to govern,  may start to differ from Trump the “campaigner.”

I think that President Trump, he needs to, he’s been hit in face with reality on some of these things, and I hope that that means he’s shifted his world-view. My fear is that President Trump sort of picks these issues off the tree, and what he’ll do is decide one way on one issue, one way on another issue, and then, whoever cheers him the loudest he will be friends with for the time being, and that’s what I fear with Democrats.”

Perino then argued that perhaps it was to the President’s benefit that he wasn’t seen as an “ideological” figure. “I mean, if he ran as, he’s not an ideological guy; he doesn’t have a voting record that he has to, ‘Look, look,’ point to and say that he’s consistent.” Perino said. “Does that, maybe, work to his benefit, that he doesn’t have to worry about that?” 

Shapiro argued that it wouldn’t work to his benefit, because the Democrats would never show support for Trump.

I don’t think so, because I think the fact is that if you stand for nothing, you’re going to fall for anything, and then when it comes to President Trump, if he is taking a position on a particular issue, and then Jared and Ivanka take that position, but they also take a bunch of other positions that are friendly with Democrats, he’s more likely to swing to those positions because they cheered him on a separate issue. In other words, it seems to me the frightening thing could be that President Trump responds to applause rather than responding to his own gut. I think his own people would like him to respond to his gut, but I think that his gut is largely geared toward “Who cheers me the loudest?” And so, if he makes a decision that Democrats like, I think right now he’s going to be a lot friendlier to Democrats because Democrats just cheered him on what he did on Syria even though I think they’re completely unrelated.

Shapiro is right and I hope that President Trump is paying attention. The Democrat Party will never side with him, because their voters (and most importantly their donors) will never support him. The Democrats will give and bend, here and there, but only when it benefits their cause. The optics of being Trump’s opponents are such that they must at least seem willing to work with him, otherwise America will come to hate their obstruction, but they’ll never move in a meaningful way.

What this means is, Trump should get comfortable working with the majority party, his party, and stop trying to look for ways to get Democrats to embrace him, because… It ain’t gonna happen.

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