Conservative Pundit: “The More Muslims You Have, the More Terrorism You Have”!

Conservative pundit Mark Steyn recently appeared on Fox News’ the O’Reilly Factor with the eponymous host Bill O’Reilly to talk about Muslim terrorism and the politically correct culture in the USA.

During their conversation Steyn said something that has sent waves across the nation, particularly in the liberal media. Steyn recently attended the memorial service of a French priest who was assassinated over the summer by Muslim terrorists, and he was shocked at the cultural disconnect he was while in France. Steyn mentioned the ridiculous imagery of topless women sunbathing while soldiers with rifles walked among them, but even more shocking was the realization that more Muslims means more Terrorism.

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“… there is a crude arithmetic here, Bill which is that the more Muslims you have, the more terrorism you have. So, that France, Belgium and Germany have very high Muslim populations, and they have a lot of terrorism.

When you were in Poland and the Czech Republic, they have very few Muslims so they don’t have terrorism.”

 Shocking, but true. If Islam is a religion of peace, and the refugees are simply trying to escape war torn Syria for the safety of Europe, then why is it that the nation’s embracing the largest numbers of these people… are also suffering from almost constant terrorism? The answer may be politically incorrect, but it doesn’t make it less true. “The more Muslims you have, the more terrorism you have.”

Speaking of being politically incorrect, Steyn then went on to comment on the current liberal trend towards fascism…


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