Conservative Pundit Calls Politifact “Totalitarian” and a “Tool of the Left”

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt has spent time beating up on the right and the center over the last week or two as he’s watched the GOP healthcare debacle unfold. But on the Tuesday morning episode of his show, he took time out to rip the left for their fascist attempt to stifle conservative ideology.

Hewitt spent an entire hour in conversation with PolitiFact’s executive director Aaron Sharockman and focused particularly on Politifact’s recent decision to rate as “false” the narrative that Obamacare was in a “death spiral.”

Hewitt said Obamacare is “in a death spiral.”

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That’s a specific phrase that describes a process where health people leaving the insurance market causes insurance premiums to rise to the point that more healthy people leave the market. At some point, the system becomes unsustainable.

Experts say there is no evidence that cycle has started with Obamacare, because federal subsidies are keeping people from feeling the brunt of premium increases. The CBO and other independent analyses have found the health care system to be stable.

We rate this claim False.

However, as he and Sharockman spoke Hewitt deftly began poking holes into Politifact’s argument until Sharockman was forced to concede and apologize for the story. (Though as of this writing, Politifact had not yet changed the rating on the story.) Sharockman finally attempted to defend the work that his team was doing, “I swear to you that at PolitiFact what we try to do is find an antidote for misinformation. A lot of people spread misinformation, but if we could all work together and have a discussion about what are true facts… the American public will be better off, and they will make good policy choices… That’s all we’re trying to do, and i swear to you that is our missions. We know now, and I follow you on Twitter, we will be the best of Twitter friends…”

It was at this point that Hewitt cut him off and explained that while he bore Sharockman no ill will, there was just no way they would ever be Twitter friends, because Hewitt believes the work that Politifact is doing is extremely dangerous.

“No we will not because you do not realize that I, though I have no personal animus to you, I believe what you do is totalitarian. You actually have no concept of what you are about which is to become a ministry of truth which is an attempt to segregate out by the left the talking points which are most damaging to them. You have been a faithful servant of the left since you popped up on my radar screen, and I have no time for PolitiFact.”


Everything Hewitt says here is spot on. (A study done a few years ago proves that Politifact is biased against Republicans.) This is the core issue with the debate over what is and isn’t “fake news.” Over the last few months conservative media has weathered thousands of assaults from the left, as liberals have attacked the veracity of our reporting and the value of our opinions. However, Hewitt strikes the mark when he exposes the Politifact for the liberal fascists that they are – the war on conservatives is an attempt by the left to cultivate a “ministry of truth” where only their opinions are heard and the opinions of the opposition are not worth hearing because they are supposedly “fake.” How can an opinion on a trending story, or a political issue be “fake” or as Politifact puts it “false”? It’s preposterous and it’s time that we conservatives fight back. Hugh Hewitt deserves a “well done” for getting the ball rolling.

You can listen to part of his segment with Sharockman below:

H/T the Daily Caller 🇺🇸

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