Conservative Media Whines over Trump Tweet about Media being Enemy

I find it very revealing how quickly conservative media talking heads immediately start chastising Trump about calling the media the enemy.

It blows my mind that they would take this ridiculous position. Let me get this straight, the media is cheering on the Rainbow Jihad to shut down a grandmother’s floral business, and they are not the enemy?

Folks, Jesus is coming back soon.  During the great tribulation, we will have the same media telling the Anti-Christ where the Christians are hiding.

Let’s be clear. The media sees you as the enemy. They hate conservatism and Christianity. The media will go as far as exposing national security to stop Trump.  How is that not being the enemy of the United States? The media stirs up racial tensions and people get killed in riots.  How is that not being the enemy of the people? There’s scores and scores of endless stories of how the media is straight up propaganda.

The big question is why in the world would these conservative talking heads be chastising Trump over this?

Don’t they see the evidence out there?  I mean come on.  It’s obvious Trump is calling out the worst offenders here like NBC, The New York Times and CNN.  There are a couple of reasons why these conservative pundits are chastising Trump over his tweet. They want to be in the media circles so they can get tv time.  They want to be CNN contributors. They feel their voices won’t get heard if they agree with Trump. They need to be in these media circles to be invited on Television.  It’s more about their livelihood and career then it is about what Trump said.

The other reason is that they are clueless of what it takes to defeat the left.

They do not have the first clue on how to defeat the left. They are great at complaining about the left.  They are great at writing articles about how bad the left is. But in reality, they never have won against the left.  Trump has demonstrated on what it takes to defeat the left.

Do us all a favor sit down shut up and watch how it’s done.

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