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Conservative Culture Rises: First Kanye, Now Kim To Meet with Prez

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We’ve been saying it for years here at Constitution:  The conservative awakening of America is here, and things are only going to continue on this path for some time now.

While some of the cosmic reasoning behind the sudden turn the to right in the Western World will likely remain obscured by the veil of chance, there is a fairly natural ebb and flow for us to examine as well.  We, as a nation, do tend to teeter-totter a bit between liberalism and conservatism, but it’s natural; almost like the wobble of the earth on its axis.  In music, this can be represented by vibrato on a note, or the introduction of a swing beat.  There’s a gyroscopic effect to these confrontations that keeps the entire society from falling out of the metaphorical sky.

So, in not as many words, it’s about to be our turn.

The left is in denial, and this has caused them to lash out and radicalize, as any fading ideology would.  But, unfortunately, the truth is undeniable.  Just take a look at television, where Tim Allen gets resurrected by another network in order to push his conservative sitcom Last Man Standing.  Roseanne Barr’s reboot of Roseanne was also an incredible hit, until just yesterday the controversial comedian was accused of tweeting a racist statement about Valerie Jarrett.

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Now, after husband Kanye West recently tweeted his support of President Trump, Kim Kardashian will be meeting with the President to put a bug in his ear regarding prison reform – something that the, um, celebrity has been involved with in recent years.  [Author’s note:  I have no idea what Kim Kardashian does besides being famous.]

After months of back-channel talks between Kim Kardashian and Jared Kushner, the high priestess of reality television is coming to the White House. By late afternoon on Wednesday, Secret Service agents will wave Kardashian and her attorney through the southwest appointment gate to the West Wing, where they will meet Kushner to discuss prison reform before he walks with them to sit down with President Donald Trump, likely in the Oval Office, along with White House counsel. According to a person familiar with the meeting, Kardashian plans to ask Trump to pardon a woman serving a life sentence without parole for a first-time drug offense. (White House staffers have joked about who will get to accompany her to the West Wing, and what they should wear for the occasion. The White House did not immediately respond to requests for comment.)

Prison reform is an issue near and dear to Kushner, whose father, Charles, spent more than a year in a federal prison camp in 2005 and 2006 on charges of tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions, and witness tampering. The experience left an indelible mark on the young Kushner who, for years, carried a wallet his father made for him in prison; when he joined the White House as senior adviser, he vowed to help improve the system that his father had come through.

Will Kim’s willingness to meet with the President affect the way that her liberal fans view her?  That has yet to be seen, but, given the massive double standard when it comes to conservatives in the media, we won’t be surprised to see a shunning of the television star.

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