Conservative Culture Continues to Invade Cult of Celebrity With NFL Star

While it seems to have taken much of the world of pop culture by storm, we at Constitution have been sounding the alarm on the American conservative awakening for a good, long time.

It all began during the election of 2016, when Donald Trump came from virtually nowhere to completely decimate one of the largest fields of republican candidates in modern history.  The business mogul mowed down no less than 15 in the GOP field alone before completely dismantling Hillary Clinton during his one-on-one, ultimate contest with her.  Clinton’s corruption was just far too large problem for the American people to overlook, and, thanks to men such as Julian Assange, We The People got an up close and personal look at the whole shebang.

Soon after his rise to power, Trump began winning.  He plowed through a great many “resistance” rats, on both sides of the aisle, mind you, to begin achieving some of the grander pieces of his “contract with America”.  The left found themselves wholly decimated, and the nation took notice.

The silent majority of conservatives were suddenly clearing their throats, preparing to out themselves, and come out of the proverbial conservative closet that the mainstream media has vilified so thoroughly.

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Examples were numerous over the course of the next year-plus, but none had the cultural gravity of last week’s coming-out party for Kanye West, who tweeted his undeniable support for the President and conservative icon Candace Owens, before becoming the target of the left’s unkempt rage.

Now, another American celebrity has taken to Twitter to profess his conservative ideals, and he just so happens to have been romantically involved with Kim Kardashian as well.

It looks like someone poisoned the entertainment well with conservative ideology. On Sunday morning, former NFL star and Kim Kardashian-boyfriend Reggie Bush went into a conservative line of questioning over the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“This might be a dumb question so I’m apologizing ahead of time but who audits the IRS?” Bush asked via Twitter. “How do we know exactly where our tax dollars go and that they are being used the right way?”

Bush, aligning himself with the principle of fiscal responsibility, makes a great point about the abundance of monetary waste and lack of real transparency in our federal tax system.

In March, superstar rapper Cardi B made a similar argument in a video rant that went viral on social media.

Given this massive concern over how exactly the IRS spends its legally-protected income tax has lead many to wonder if we are on the precipice of a Hollywood Tea Party of sorts, with celebrities finding themselves at the forefront of freedom-based ideologies.

Now, if Reggie, Kanye, and Cardi B can all survive the onslaught of leftist rhetoric heading their way, we might actually be on to something.

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