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Conservative Argues Press “Criminalizing” Trump, Making “Fake News Stories” into “Facts”

Newsmax CEO and longtime media member Chris Ruddy has a pretty accurate description for the media malpractice currently taking place in the Trump era.

Even better, Ruddy delivered his cutting critique while appearing as a guest on ABC’s This Week on Sunday morning. In a conversation that began by discussing  the naming of former FBI Director George Mueller as Special Counsel and the fallout from the firing of FBI Director James Comey, Ruddy exposed how the “Comey memos” were evidence that he was not the right person to lead the FBI. This pronouncement irked host George Stephanopoulos who didn’t see the connection, but as Ruddy explains the fact that Comey would choose not to correct the President for actions that Comey saw as “inappropriate,” but instead would choose to write memos secretly criticizing him was evidence that Comey had ulterior motives that were politically driven. So while, they weren’t a “reason” for his firing, they were evidence that Trump had made the right decision.

George Stephanopoulos: Let me take up on that right there. I want to bring this to Chris Ruddy, because it does appear that this showdown with James Comey is going to come sooner rather than later. We now know that he’s going to speak to the Senate Intelligence Committee, sometime it appears in June. And he’s got notes of every encounter with the president. The president threatened him with tapes. How does the president survive that showdown?

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Chris Ruddy: Legal experts I’ve spoken to, Alan Dershowitz for instance, said there’s no obstruction in this. What the president did was perfectly legal. He had a right to speak to the FBI director about the matter. I think the press is criminalizing this.

I think it’s a little weird, and I think it’s — the president’s instinct about letting Comey go is right. This memo proves it. Isn’t it a little strange that the FBI —

George Stephanopoulos: What memo proves it?

Chris Ruddy: Well, the leaked memo that — or the details of the leak, we haven’t seen the memo yet — of Director Comey’s conversation with the president.

George Stephanopoulos: That’s reason to fire him?

Chris Ruddy: Well — I think it’s about his instinct that you can’t trust the FBI director. Isn’t it a little strange the FBI director has a private conversation with the president. Instead of saying to the president, Mr. President, you’re new to this job. You’re not a legal law enforcement guy. What you’re saying is inappropriate to me. Speak to your White House counsel and the Justice Department about how to approach this. Instead, he goes back to his office, he writes a memo to himself, sticks it in a file, supposedly he did this on every presidential encounter.

What was his purpose for writing these notes? If he thought the president was doing something inappropriate, George, he should have — he should’ve immediately spoken to the president about it, then gone to his attorney general.

Stephanie Cutter: What I think that the president — President Trump doesn’t understand is that the FBI director is not meant to be loyal to that president. That’s the reason they serve ten-year terms. And it’s unusual for a president to ask for a one-on-one meeting with the FBI director.

And even the president asked other people to leave the room in those encounters. And it’s a very common practice in a situation like that to go back to your office, write down what happened, to ensure that you remember the facts correctly. It’s a prosecutorial process.

Chris Ruddy: Again, don’t you agree that if he thought the president was doing something inappropriate, he should have immediately acted…

(After crosstalk)

Well, we don’t know if the president asked him for loyalty…

So many stories, fake news stories, are becoming facts here.

Where in the Russia investigation has there ever been an allegation that the president had done anything wrong with the Russians?

Where is there any evidence?

We have this major investigation underway and there’s no evidence of collusion!

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