A Conservative Appears on “the View” to Talk “Fake News” and Steve Bannon

Joel Pollak is the senior editor-at-large at Breitbart. People on the left – like those on The View – think that Breitbart is the ‘platform for the alt-right,’ which they say is synonymous with white supremacists. Interestingly, Pollak is an African-American. (He was born in South Africa, but that’s still Africa.)

Liberals also say that Steve Bannon, who formerly headed Breitbart, is a Nazi, and that he is the one actually pulling the strings at the White House. Kind of like how we all knew that Hillary Clinton was the real president during Bill’s terms. “Impeach the President…and her husband too!” read bumperstickers in the 90’s.

As Pollak pointed out on The View, he is an Orthodox Jew, and Breitbart employs a diverse group of people of all colors, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds. The idea that they’re this ‘white supremacist’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ website is preposterous fake news.

Pollak actually knows Steve Bannon personally, as he used to work for him when he was executive chair at Breitbart News, LLC, before accepting his current job at the White House. The idea that Bannon is a ‘Nazi’ who’s pulling the strings of his puppet Trump (both of whom are supposedly puppets of Putin) is ridiculous, according to Pollak.

The View co-host Joy Behar asked Pollak whether Trump ‘defied’ the media or ‘conned’ them. It’s an interesting question, because it suggests that people have never seen a president ‘con’ the media – or the American people for that matter – before. Obama certainly conned the media into believing that he would bring ‘hope and change.’ America fell for it.


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