Connecticut Takes Holocaust Deniers to Task With Legislation

Given our species’ newfound ability to send information around the planet in the blink of an eye, there are very few legitimate excuses left for playing the role of an uninformed idiot.

Our telephones are simply the most streamlined computers ever created, and at our fingertips is a world of knowledge, some well-curated, as is the case with Wikipedia, while others, like CNN, not so much.  Heck, we can’t even get into arguments about what actors are in what movies, thanks to the folks over at IMDB.com.  We’re virtually omnipotent at this point, and that can be a little bit daunting to really wrap your head around.

This means that hearty arguments have sprung up in the grey areas of this free information.  Conspiracy theories have been concocted for nearly every imaginable world event, from the murder of a DNC staffer tied to Wikileaks, all the way back to the JFK assassination.  Some of these theories, namely the two I’ve mentioned, tend to hold some merit for investigators, and should serve as a bit of a clandestine history lesson for the rest of us.

Yet there are some conspiracy theories out there that are just downright dumbfounding.  Particularly infuriating are the so-called “Holocaust Deniers” who believe that the murder of 6 million jews during World War II was either completely fabricated or heavily exaggerated in order to prop up the world’s Zionist agenda.

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Not only are Holocaust deniers doing a great disservice to history, but they are insinuating that the Jewish people are exploiting these lost souls in order to “run the world”.  It’s offensive at best and anti-semitic at worst, and the people of Connecticut aren’t having any of it.

Legislation that would require Holocaust and genocide education in Connecticut high schools starting with the coming school year unanimously passed the state legislature.

The Connecticut House of Representatives on Monday voted 147-0 in favor of the bill. It had unanimously passed the Senate on April 24.

The bill will now go to Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for his signature.

The legislation requires local and regional school boards to include the Holocaust and other genocides in their social studies curriculum beginning with the 2018-19 school year.

And the Jews could use all the help they can get this week, as war in the Middle East looks inevitable with Iran lashing out in anger over the end of Barack Obama’s sweetheart nuclear deal.

While there are certainly a number of strange and bewildering tales to be spawned from the mythos of World War II’s darkest days, there is just no possibility that the Holocaust is a misnomer or fabrication.  And there are much more civil ways to get attention than by insulting an entire race of people.



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