Congress Votes to Ban Federal Funding of Abortion [WATCH]

In keeping with Donald Trump’s promises, Congress votes to end all government money going to abortion.

Two days after Donald Trump bans government funding for abortion overseas, Congress votes to extend the ban to the U.S. No more taxpayer-financed abortion.

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The Hill reported yesterday,

The House passed legislation on Tuesday that would permanently codify existing law banning the use of federal funds for abortion services. 

Lawmakers approved the measure largely along party lines, with three Democrats joining Republicans in the 238-183 vote.

The legislation, written by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), would also permanently prohibit the District of Columbia from using its local funds approved by Congress for abortion services.

“That’s what we should be all about. Life affirming and the saving of human life,” said Smith.

It does allow exceptions for cases of rape, incest or if the mother’s life in danger.

Donald Trump is expected to sign the legislation. This looks like it will be another pro-life victory!

There are many lessons here. One is that we see Democrats realizing that a majority of Americans don’t want to be forced to pay for abortion.

The three Democrats who voted for the legislation were Reps. Henry Cuellar (Texas), Daniel Lipinski (Ill.) and Collin Peterson (Minn.).

I think it is significant that these Democrats were from flyover country. It makes me wonder if this is a sign of a conflict arising between coastal and mid-American Democrats. It will be interesting to see if Democrats run against any of these three in 2018.

Also, after eight years of having abortion being forced on us by the Obama Administration, we finally have pushback. When Donald Trump signed the executive order banning Federal funds for abortion promotion overseas, he was only restoring a law that had been in place before Obama. This time, however, if he signs this bill, he will be doing more than restoration. He’ll be doing something new and unprecedented.

This time, however, Republicans have an ally in the White House who’s more inclined to sign legislation to limit abortions. Top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is one of the featured speakers at this year’s March for Life. 

“As hundreds of thousands of Americans flock to Washington for the March for Life, we must never forget that defending all of our people — especially the defenseless — must be our top priority if we want to be a good and moral nation,” House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said in a statement.

Republicans argued that approving legislation to permanently ensure federal taxpayer dollars aren’t used for abortion services would be a more efficient way of codifying the existing law, which comprises a patchwork of provisions in government spending bills requiring regular renewal.

The 1976 statute known as the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funds for covering abortions, has been included in annual appropriation bills.

Before, it had to be renewed annually. Now it will be permanent law. This kind of bill never went anywhere while Barack Obama was President. Thanks to Donald Trump, we have a chance to make the country greater than it was before.

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