Nancy Pelosi

Congress’ Sleeveless Stunt Calls Nancy Pelosi’s Feminism into Question

The congressional dress code has been a pleasant sideshow to the incessant democratic whining about Russia this week, and it has exposed a serious flaw in Nancy Pelosi’s liberal facade.

For well over a century, congressional women have been subject to a pretty strict dress code, based on the societal culture in our nation 100-some years ago.  Of course, this dress code now seems quite archaic, inundating our congressional women with requirements such as long sleeves and closed-toe shoes at all times.  In recent weeks, however, the nearly-ancient mandates found themselves at the center of a renewed controversy as the democrats attempted to pin the entire debacle on congressional republicans…Specifically, House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Now, as the absurdity of that claim has been exposed, another question has arisen:  Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi amend the rules during her time as Speaker of The House?

“On Thursday, [Paul] Ryan acknowledged ‘there was an issue about [the] dress code’ and although it makes sense for women to wear formal clothing, there’s no reason they should be prevented from wearing sleeveless dresses or open-toed shoes, both of which were forbidden under the longstanding rules.

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“’We will be working with the sergeant-at-arms to ensure the enforcement of appropriate attire is updated,’ Ryan said.

“On Friday, House Democratic Party women wore sleeveless clothing to push for their ‘right to “bare” arms,’ with many liberals again erroneously stating or suggesting Republicans were somehow to blame for the policy and ignoring Ryan’s pledge to change the dress code.

“As numerous pundits and members of the public noted on social media, however, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is the one deserving of criticism. Despite having had the opportunity to change the rule from 2007 to 2011, when she served as the first female speaker of the House, Pelosi did nothing to modernize the rule.”

“’Any of them ask why @NancyPelosi refused to allow them to do this while she was Speaker?’ Daily Caller editor Derek Hunter asked.”

The propaganda wing of the democratic party has been churning out spin such as this for months, leading to a massive distrust of democrats among American voters.

Paul Ryan’s inadvertent reminder about the unnecessary nature of the more traditional pieces of the congressional dress code has been twisted by the media, at the behest of the democrats, to insinuate that Ryan himself is some sort of sexist.  In fact, Pelosi’s own ignorance of the subject calls into question a much more pertinent aspect of her political character – something that Pelosi would like to avoid, given her increasingly frequent moments of senility in recent weeks.

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