Is Congress’ Position on Russia, Confused?

Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) is confused, or perhaps it’d be more accurate to say that he thinks Congress is confused.

Earlier this week the Senate voted overwhelmingly for more sanctions on Russia, in fact, only two Senators said no to the new sanctions (Republicans Rand Paul and Mike Lee).

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Senator Paul explained that he didn’t see a reason to sanction Russia for doing the same things that everyone else does, including the Chinese and us.

“I’m really not in favor of new sanctions against Russia now or new sanctions on Iran,” Paul said before adding, “Everything we say Russia’s done wrong? So China does.” Paul went on to remind everyone that as bad as Russia is on human rights, our friends in China are even worse… but for some reason, we’re not sanctioning them.

Ron Paul (Rand’s father) made a similar argument at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity:

When it comes to bad foreign policy, the House and Senate are completely bipartisan. Yesterday’s 97-2 Senate vote for more Russia sanctions was a perfect case in point. What justifies yet more sanctions on Russia? Violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine, meddling in the US election, and conducting war in Syria. But if this is the measure, shouldn’t the Senate sanction the US government as well? After all, the US is violating Syria’s territorial integrity with its illegal base, it has meddled in more than 100 elections since 1945, and it has been fighting a proxy (and real) war against the Syrian government since 2011. But the Deep State wants another Cold War, so (with two brave exceptions) the Senate abides. 

Onan Coca

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