America Is Confused and It’s Putting Us All in Danger

There is a concerted effort to sow confusion in America. Reality is no longer the basis of fact. I watched in amazement as a reporter challenged students at the University of Washington to confirm reality, and they couldn’t. The reporter was a self-described “5’9” white guy” standing there in a pair of khaki pants and a button down shirt, looking like a 5’9” white guy. He took several students through a series of questions that most of us would consider to be no-brainers.

Watch for yourself here:

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Here are some examples of the confusion:

What if I told you I was a woman? Every student accepted that statement, and one said, “I don’t have a problem with it”.

What if I told you I was Chinese? Although some looked at him funny, and maybe said they would have questions, none would definitively state he was not Chinese. And one said “I mean, I might be a little surprised, but I would say ‘Good for you. Yeah, be who you are.’”

What if I told you I was a seven-year-old? The answers were astounding. “If you feel seven at heart, then so be it. Yeah, good for you”, one student said. Another said, “I would say, so long as you’re not hindering society, and you’re not causing problems, I feel like that should be an ok thing”. And this persisted, even when asked if he should be allowed to enroll in an elementary school with other seven-year-olds.

What if I told you I was 6’5” tall? Although a few drew the line there, most of the students still felt they couldn’t confidently state this 5’9” guy wasn’t 6’5” tall.

So, he topped it off by combining all the questions into one. He asked, “You wouldn’t have a problem if I claimed I was a 6’5” Chinese woman?” One answer, “I feel like it’s not my place, as another human being, to say someone is wrong or draw lines or boundaries”

Did you get that last statement? This student, in her mind (if she claims to be a “her”, who knows?), does not feel like it is her place to say someone is wrong, or to draw boundaries! And you can see that sentiment reflected throughout these interviews. Folks, these are supposed to be the best and the brightest in America. As college students, these are likely our future leaders and may be in positions of setting policy.

This brings me to the broader issue. Why won’t these students make a definitive statement, and why does it matter?

American’s are confused, especially our youth. And this confusion is intentional and it is being orchestrated on a national level in America. Start with the issue of gender…boys and girls. We have now come to a point in American society, where our children are taught that they have a choice in this very simple matter. The argument is that your “sex” and your “gender” are separate issues. And that gender is somehow related to the clothes you wear, the way you look, or “societal constructs”.   But wait, I thought boys could do “girl things” and girls could do “boy things” within their own gender? Are we now back to associating “boy things” to only boys, and “girl things” to only girls, to the point that a biological male must look like, act like, and even go to the showers, locker rooms and bathrooms with women in order to embrace his female side? Back when I was a kid, these folks we called “cross dressers”. They were considered a bit weird, but they were left to do their thing and nobody really cared. But, that’s not good enough now. Instead, we are now forced to accept and embrace the glorified cross dressers in America now known as “transgender”. We are told that this is normal, and we are abnormal for not accepting and embracing that this is normal. In fact, it is so normal that cross-dressing men must now be permitted into women’s showers, locker rooms and restrooms by force of law. And that these transgender folks can simply “identify” as a different gender in order to claim the full rights and privileges of the different gender…whatever that means.

ConfusedBut, I wonder if anyone has peeked around the next corner to fully realize where this must go. Can a man, who looks like a man in every way, simply walk into a woman’s locker room and fully disrobe, shower and change clothes with women who are women? Must these self-identified women have made any attempt to put on the mask of being a woman in dress or look? If so, who is to determine if the man is “woman enough” to claim he is a woman?

But see, confusion is the goal. Just listen to the confused college students, and imagine them on a jury attempting to determine guilt or innocence of a crime? How could they ever bring themselves to “say someone is wrong”? Or imagine them in our government enacting laws and regulations. How could they ever come to a consensus, to the point they could pass any law beyond “you can’t judge anyone for any reason. THAT is against the law”. In other words, the only law they could stand pat on, is that a person cannot be found guilty of anything, so long as they felt they were right.

George Costanza from the Seinfeld show summed up this generation of confusion perfectly when he said:

“Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it”.

And that is the end goal and result of this intentional confusion. There is no right and wrong. Each person is the owner of right and wrong in their own minds, and therefore cannot be held to a standard of right and wrong in society.

Dennis Burgard

Mr. Burgard lives in Jacksonville NC, home of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps. He has been married for more than 20 years and is the father of two young girls. His political leanings are very Conservative and rooted in the idea that the US Constitution is the greatest governing document written in the history of mankind.

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