During Confirmation Hearings Liberal Reporter Mocks Republican’s Granddaughter

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is about to find out how heartless and cruel his colleagues and “friends” in Congress can be. The Democrat Party is planning to pull out all the stops in an effort to delegitimize Sessions as our next Attorney General. They understand that they likely cannot stop his confirmation, but they are hoping to at least defame him and destroy his public image, making his job to be even harder than it already is.

For example, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) is taking the incredibly uncouth step of even testifying against Sessions during the hearings. The same Cory Booker who just last year was praising Sessions and saying that he was “honored” to work with him because of Sessions’ efforts at recognizing past Civil Rights leaders.

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But it won’t just be congressional Democrats attacking Sessions this week, no, it seems that the anti-war left (who have been suspiciously absent for the last 8 years of war) is back. The leftist group “Code Pink” made an appearance at Senator Sessions’ hearings on Tuesday, decrying Sessions as a warmonger. It’s odd that they’ve chosen to come back just as the most violent president in American history is LEAVING office.

The media will also be part of the attack on Senator Sessions, and it started with a “journalist” from MTV who chose to attack the Senator’s young granddaughter as a “prop.”

A group of family members came to the hearings to offer moral support for Senator Sessions, among them was his daughter Ruth Session Walk who is married to John Walk, an Asian-American man. Mrs. Walk brought her children with her, and MTV’s Ira Madison happened to notice Senator Sessions carrying his young granddaughter at one point Tuesday morning. In a now deleted tweet, Madison told Sessions to return the child to the “Toys R Us” he “stole” it from before noting “there is no reason for that child to be in his lap in a hearing other than to send an ‘I’m not racist message.’”

While Madison deleted the offending tweet, he then chose to up the ante by going on a Twitter rampage against Sessions by continuing to harp on his Asian grandchildren.



Disgusting. For liberals, conservatives always have been and always will be racists, no matter what the evidence shows. It’s why liberals attack black conservatives as “Uncle Tom’s,” Latin conservatives as “token,” female conservatives as “kept,” and Jewish conservatives as “out of touch.” It can’t be about the policies, philosophies, ideas, issues, or facts… because liberals don’t care about those things and everyone who disagrees with them is RACIST.


Onan Coca

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