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Confirmation Committee Dems Send Ornery Demands to Trump

The democrats certainly are trying every trick in the book in order to delay the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh until after the midterm elections.

Now, I don’t want to be taken out of context here:  Anyone with a credible claim of sexual abuse at the hands of anyone should be taken seriously.  Leann Tweeden, for example, has been laughed off by a number of prominent leftists after her accusations against Al Franken were somehow deemed unworthy of critical examination by men such as Bill Maher.

With a Senate judiciary hearing scheduled for tomorrow, Americans are going to get to hear the story of Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford, as well as the events as recalled by Brett Kavanaugh.

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Now that Kavanaugh’s prepared statements have leaked to the press, however, the democrats have again changed paths, now asking for Kavanaugh’s nomination to be rescinded entirely as opposed to hearing from Dr. Ford.

The caveat of FBI involvement isn’t new, of course, with the agency having refused to investigate the 36 year old claims on more than one occasion.

When was the last time that a three-letter agency investigated sexual incidents at a high school party whose witnesses have already made statements contradicting the accuser?

What is most disturbing is the timing of this letter, possibly meant to derail the testimony of Dr. Ford tomorrow.  With the nation patiently waiting to hear these possibly serious allegations firsthand, why are the democrats still reaching for the broom to sweep this under the rug?

Please, for the sake of the nation, let Dr. Ford testify, and let Brett Kavanaugh defend himself.  Then, let the Constitution continue to work and allow our elected representatives to do their job in either confirming or denying the appointment.

This is why we make the rules, folks; so we have a guideline in just such sticky situations.   Let the rules stand, and let’s get back to work making America great again.

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