Confederate Statue Toppled in Milennial Mating Ritual on East Coast

The sheer inanity of it all is enough to make the common sense just ooze out from your brain cavity into a defeated puddle of goo.

Why on earth would anyone attempt to erase an ugly historical event that they oppose?  Simply because they wish to no longer be faced with the reality of what the human race if capable of?

That, my friends, is a weakness that ought to be addressed…and quickly.  We don’t tear down Auschwitz on account of not liking what happened there.  We leave Auschwitz standing as a reminder of what occurred there.  We need that reminder, lest we wish to find ourselves in a similar situation.

Certainly, the parallels to the American Civil War aren’t precise, but they do carry an important similarity:  We mustn’t forget either.

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So when a bunch of social media-obsessed millennials decided to topple yet another Civil War statue on the east coast, it is unlikely that “social justice” was the premiere motivation.  Instead, it seems clear that these newly-back-to-school students simply wanted a way to show the rest of the university’s population how virtuous they are.

Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Silent Sam statue on the University of North Carolina’s campus Monday evening chanting for the removal of the monument and later blocking traffic in the Franklin Street area. After dark, they removed it themselves, using a rope to bring the Confederate statue crashing down.

Through a statement, Gov. Roy Cooper said he shared the frustration felt by protesters but condemned the desecration of public property.

“Governor Cooper has been in contact with local law enforcement and UNC officials regarding tonight’s rally and appreciates their efforts to keep people safe,” said Cooper’s spokesman, Ford Porter. “The Governor understands that many people are frustrated by the pace of change and he shares their frustration, but violent destruction of public property has no place in our communities.”

And here they are, hamming it up for the cameras:

This is all simply a mating dance for the hormonally erupting millennials who need the world to know just how “tolerant” and worldly they are.


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