Paul Ryan, America’s Turncoat, Bans Flying Confederate Flag at Historic Sites

Paul Ryan just caved to the Democrats and political correctness by banning the Confederate Flag.

Watching [score]Paul Ryan[/score] this week has been very disappointing for many southerners who respect the Confederate Flag.  Here’s the latest:

House Speaker Paul Ryan tells his Republican party members they’d better get used to “taking tough votes,” such as one to ban the Confederate flag at historic cemeteries controlled by the federal government.

In a roll-call vote, the House voted 265 to 159 to block descendants of Confederate veterans from flying the historic banner over mass graves even on the days when flags have been permitted in the past.

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Democrats hailed the move as a strike against “racism, slavery and division, as Ryan warned opponents that they are just going to have to “take it” when votes don’t go their way.

Speaker Ryan seemed to insist that the issue wasn’t important enough for Republicans to fight for.

We’ve heard this language before from [score]Mitch McConnell[/score] and John Boehner before on a multitude of issues. Their claims are repetitive: ‘We will fight another day;’ or ‘We need to surrender this issue to the Democrats to fight another day.’

Seventy percent of Southern states when polled approve of keeping the Confederate Flag. According to national polling, the confederate flag is seen as a symbol of history, not racism.

In actuality, Paul Ryan, in his quest to appease Democrats and the media, will betray the will of the voters. The truth is there really isn’t anything that Republicans won’t stand for or against. All the Democrats have to do is to make enough noise and protest, and Republicans will give them everything they want. There are many that believe that somehow Paul Ryan is better than John Boehner and that he is more conservative as the Speaker of the House. I’ve run into a couple of notable conservatives who are backing Paul Ryan against his primary challenger. Ryan’s primary challenger is very weak but for the sake of one’s own reputation why would you go out of your way to support Paul Ryan who’s doing the same thing Boehner did? Some may argue that Ryan put conservatives back in leadership positions while Boehner removed them from leadership positions. Ok fine. How has that translated to votes to stop Obama’s agenda?

Ryan will probably cave on this Transgender bathroom push from Obama as well, and claim we have more pressing things to worry about. What evidence is there that Ryan will take a stand against this too when push comes to shove? Paul Ryan is one of the few in Republican Party to vote ‘to force Christian employers to hire’ homosexuals. What makes you think he won’t vote in favor of punishing those who don’t honor transgender bathrooms?

A 2007 version of ENDA did pass the House, 235-184. There was never a vote in the Senate. According to a New Yorker article on the history of ENDA legislation, the measure died because it did not include protection for transgender persons.

Ryan voted yes on that measure. “They didn’t roll out of bed one morning and choose to be gay. That’s who they are,” he once said, acknowledging he “took a lot of grief” for the ENDA vote from fellow Republicans.

The Constitutional Rights PAC, in its original news release, said Ryan was one of only six GOP House members who voted yes. That’s wrong.

The release was later revised to say 10. But even that count is misleading, in that it only refers only to Republican House members who voted yes on the 2007 bill and are still in the House. As we noted, Ryan was among a total of 35 GOP House members who voted yes. Ten are still in the House, plus two others who voted yes are now in the Senate.

What we learn from the Left is to die on every hill. Democrats are the only ones who refuse to die on every hill. That’s why [score]Ted Cruz[/score] went as far as he did this election cycle. He was willing to do that against Democrats. That’s why Republicans lose and Democrats win.  When Republicans start behaving more like [score]Ted Cruz[/score] then [score]Paul Ryan[/score] they will start defeating Democrats.

My consultant friend Rick Shaftan says this:

“What I learned growing up around the left and around aggressive Democrats is not only do they not back down from any fight, nothing you do is enough for them. They got gay marriage, but they always want more. That’s how you negotiate folks. Learn something from Trump. Yet when I do that people tell me I am out of line, impolite, rude, “not a team player” or that I’m going to “$%@ everything up.” We lose because we tell some of our people that their issues are not important. I used to watch the party tell pro-lifers and gun owners that it wasn’t worth losing elections over these issues.”

Republicans need to start dying on every hill if we ever want to defeat the Left.  Republicans have a majority in the house and the Senate.  They have no excuse.

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