Confederate Chaos in The Offing For Richmond on Saturday

Another Confederate monument showdown is looming in Virginia for Saturday, just weeks after radical leftists caused all Hell to break loose in Charlottesville.

The fight over the fate of these statutes and monuments continues to rage, as the left increases their volume and vitriol regarding American history.  For those in “Antifa” and other similarly misguided groups, the very thought of the Civil War is too much to bear.  These groups are hoping to find support for the wholesale revision of American history, specifically the men and women who died supporting the Confederate States of America, whom they would rather never existed or made the ultimate sacrifice.

Surely, much of the nation sees right through this pathetic attempt to control the narrative as nothing more than a political stunt being perpetrated by mischievous millennials who figured out the best way to show the world that they are doing their liberally-induced due diligence against America’s conservative majority.  For these young people, property damage and violence are nothing more than slick selfies that will boost their credibility on social media, and they have latched on to this imagined Confederate kerfuffle to achieve theoretical internet points.

In short, it’s all an act.

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Now, as supporters of the Confederate dead, who were American soldiers after all, plan to gather in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday, police are taking every precaution possible to protect the population from Antifa-instigated wholesale violence.

“Tara Brandau, a Florida resident who identifies with militia groups, told reporters at a press conference on the sidewalk along Bank Street in front of the Virginia Capitol on Friday that responses to a Facebook event page is their only gauge.

“’It says in the event page 70-something coming, 400 and something interested and there’s over 400 shares,’ she said. ‘You can’t go by that. Anybody could show up with all the media. I cannot tell you a number.’

“Brandau and her co-organizers, Thomas and Judy Crompton, leaders of the Tennessee-based group New Confederate States of America, once again stressed that they are not affiliated with racist groups and are planning a peaceful rally.

“’We’re here to stand up with the Virginia residents who have requested our assistance here,’ Brandau said. She did not respond to questions about who specifically asked the group to come.

“The group was briefly confronted by Jessica Lawrence, a 37-year-old Richmond resident, who began shouting, ‘You’re not welcome here.’”

Police in Richmond are taking no chances with the looming confrontation, however, and are doing everything in their power to prepare.

This includes city wide parking relocations and possible weapons bans, hoping to preemptively take some of the steam out of the radical leftists who are more than likely going to attempt to create conflict and chaos during the rally.


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