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Concerns Over Melania’s Hospitalization Are Fueling Conspiracy Theories

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In the year 2018, it’s almost unsurprising that we are being subjected to an inordinate amount of cockamamy conspiracy theories and deleterious diatribes, specifically when it comes to our government here in the U.S.

Donald Trump sauntered into office and blew a hole in the entire, nonsensical charade in Washington, having declared war on the establishment, the “Deep State”, and any other clandestine organizations who are operating within the Beltway in order to subvert our democracy.  This has put an enormous target on the back of the President, and, in turn, has spawned a few conspiracy theories of its own.

Most notably, of course, is the supposed #RussiaGate hoax; a delirium of democratic diatribes purporting that the President is some sort of KGB asset who relied on Vladimir Putin’s clandestine assistance in defeating the corrupt and crooked Hillary Clinton.

Now, as First Lady Melania Trump is recovery from a kidney procedure, the conspiracy theorists are back in full force, wondering why FLOTUS is still in the hospital.

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The folks over at The Palmer Report had this to say:

Something has gone very wrong with Melania Trump, and whatever it is, Donald Trump’s White House doesn’t want you to know anything about it. In a development that’s bizarre and disconcerting even by Trump-era standards, Melania disappeared into the hospital four days ago for what we were told was either kidney surgery or a kidney procedure, but she’s still in the hospital even though she was supposed to have been released by now – and despite growing questions from the media, no one involved is willing to say what’s going on.

We all know someone who has gone into the hospital for what was supposed to be routine procedure, and ended up having to remain longer due to complications. But if this is the case, all that Trump’s White House would have to do is say so. If her kidney issue has turned out to be more severe than expected, all her people would have to do is say so, and she’d gain points in the sympathy department.

Of course, this could be nothing more than the ravings of a liberal madman who wishes for the worst in all things Trump.

This isn’t the only place to find confusion as to Melania’s situation either.  The rabbit-hole dwelling folks from the QAnon conspiracy are even suggesting that Trump has sequestered Melania away as he prepares for his final battle against the Deep State.

Reddit user Knower101 dove headfirst into the nonsense:

Melania’ hospital explanation is fishy Big Time! Only people with serious health issues to start with spend more than 24 hours on the hospital. Over 500 surgical procedures are done as an outpatient. An extended stay for heart bypass surgery: patients are out of bed the next day and home 3 days later. Gupta’s explanation on CNN was total bullshit.

An apparently healthy women in the full bloom of health spends several days, maybe a week in the hospital…. She is either very ill. Or, maybe it is to keep her safe.. But a hospital is not a safe place. Security would be difficult. Yes, I do know that Bethesda Navel Hospital has a special area for the President and or high officials. There is a history of questionable deaths there…a supposed suicide.

Somebody, research this for the truth. Perhaps this is distraction, but very little MSM coverage. I expect an interesting back story. The official story will be bland and general. Gupta knows nothing and his suppositions expose his ignorance and his reading a script of total gibberish by a writer who knows nothing about the subject. I wonder what his point of control is?

No apologies for speaking so plainly. It is blatant lies. Why?

Whatever the issue is, we here at Constitution are praying for FLOTUS and the family, and doing our best not to get distracted by the left’s ridiculous media sideshow on the subject.

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