North Korea

Concerns Over North Korea Nuke Strike Hit The Mainstream

Turning on a television this weekend will surely result in a plethora of information about North Korea.

The “hermit kingdom”, led by dictator Kim Jong Un, has been at the forefront of U.S. news in recent weeks thanks to their incessant threatening of the United States with nuclear weapons.  Donald Trump, not shy of confrontation, has increasingly ramped up his rhetoric directed at Kim Jong Un, hoping to shame the despot into sub-ordinance.

All of this diplomatic positioning has created worry across the United States, including warnings on the nightly news.

“Just today, Trump said his earlier warning about bringing ‘fire and fury’ upon the communist nation may not have been tough enough. When asked what could be tougher, he said, ‘Well you’ll see.’

“The threat of nuclear war is much scarier that the reality, as the New York Times notes in this report. 

“Still …

“The City Of Chicago, as it happens, has a whole page dedicated to the topic on its website.”

This alarming new emphasis on the danger of nuclear weapons resembles the worries of the Cuban missile crisis and the Cold War.

Americans are decades removed from such a scare.  This latest worry, however,  feels timely.

Just weeks ago, North Korea was considered years away from launching missiles capable of reaching U.S shores.  Now, that reality has arrived in a big way, and leaders such as President Trump will need to act.

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