North Korea

Concentration Camps in NK in Focus After Comatose American’s Return

North Korea’s most prevalent sin as of late has been their defiant and illegal ballistic missile tests aimed at terrifying the United States.

The worry is, even though North Korea’s missiles are a shoddy collection of misfiring parts, once they are able to tip them with nuclear warheads, they will continue to launch them until one actually makes it to the United States.  Kim Jong Un and his military have repeatedly threatened to wipe the U.S. off of the map with nuclear capabilities that no one is sure exist in the reclusive nation.  Donald Trump and his high military leaders are certainly keeping an eye out for further infractions on Kim’s part, but with the return to America of Otto Warmbier, a former captive of the North Korean regime, a new focus is emerging.

Warmbier was returned by North Korea to the United States in a coma that was quickly whitewashed by the DPRK officials as a mysterious development.  Now that doctors have determined that the American is actually in a vegetative state with little to no sentient brain activity, another sin of North Korea’s is coming back into the spotlight:  Kim Jong Un’s continued use of Holocaust-style concentration camps.

“Officials at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where Warmbier is being treated, said that while there is no physical evidence he was beaten, his ‘extensive loss of brain tissue’ suggests he likely lost blood supply to his brain for a period of time.

“How that happened is up for debate, but after a seemingly healthy 22-year-old college student winds up with severe brain damage shortly after being sentenced to 15 years of labor, some experts are inclined to remind people about the kinds of brutality that regularly occur in North Korea’s infamous camps.

“In a 2014 documentary on life inside of North Korea’s labor camps, ‘Camp 14: Total Control Zone,’ one former labor camp official suggested that the guards at these camps serve as judge, jury and executioner.”

In such camps, the fact that Otto was an American was not likely overlooked.  The North Koreans are indoctrinated from birth with an intense hatred for the American people and their government, likening the U.S.A. to an oppressive regime working with the rest of the world to stifle the DPRK’s progress and prosperity.  Should these guards, loyal to the North Korean “supreme” leader, share this same hatred for America as other high-ranking military officials, there is no doubt that Warmbier would have been treated especially poorly.

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