Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Gets a Big Win in Michigan Today

While the rest of the nation is turning on their televisions to more turmoil in Washington D.C., Michigan has made a major step in the direction of firearm freedom.

Much debate has been had recently over the concept of “constitutional carry”, or, the power of the Second Amendment to grant American citizens the right to concealed carry a firearm anywhere in the nation.  Certainly, liberal locales such as New York City and Chicago won’t ever allow for this interpretation of the Constitution, but that hasn’t stopped a great many other states and cities from reexamining the inherent power of the amendment itself.

Currently, most states allow a citizen to apply for a concealed carry permit that would allow for the discrete arming of oneself in public.  Most of these licenses have reciprocity throughout numerous states, making them at least somewhat effective.  Legal scholars, however, are now pushing for a reinterpretation of the Second Amendment that would effectively create a blanket concealed carry allowance for all Americans.

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Change such as this often comes slowly, but the Michigan house of representatives has gotten a jump on the idea.

“Legislation to allow Michigan gun owners to carry a concealed handgun without a permit was approved in the state House of Representatives on Wednesday, in a move that follows the lead of a dozen other states.

“The package of four bills, which cleared the Republican-controlled House with support from a handful of Democrats, now moves to the Senate, also dominated by Republicans.

“It was not immediately clear whether Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder supports the bill. But the measure, if also approved in a Senate vote, could automatically become law 14 days after reaching the governor’s desk unless he vetoes it.

“The legislation would lift a requirement that handgun owners obtain a concealed pistol license with a $100 fee to legally carry the weapon in public.”

Many proponents of the legislation cite the lack of licensing that criminals go through with in order to concealed carry their illicit firearms, thus putting the law-abiding public at a disadvantage both in legality and in cost.

The so-called “constitutional carry” movement has been gaining traction in recent years as gun ownership has increased throughout the nation.  Now, in times of relative uncertainty stemming from near-constant terror attacks and domestic New Fascist riots, more and more Americans are arming themselves in case of the unthinkable dragging itself to their doorstep.  Michigan understands this, and their proactive nature will surely provide their citizens with a bit more piece of mind.

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