This Company Beat CNN, Helped Trump Win, and Now the Media is Freaking Out about their Next Venture

The Left is terrified by the influence of Liberty Alliance and its entrepreneurial founder, Brandon Vallorani. Here’s some of what the mainstream media is saying…

“…political news pages will likely find their cachet begin to evaporate after Nov. 8. But one company, the Liberty Alliance, may have found a way to create something sustainable and even potentially transformational, almost entirely within the ecosystem of Facebook.…” — The New York Times

“News sites such as those operated by 43-year-old entrepreneur Brandon Vallorani — whose company Liberty Alliance … holds a grip on Facebook’s political ecosystem, operating 176 Facebook pages such as “Eagle Rising” and “Fighting for Trump” that reach more than 50m cumulative followers. In comparison, traditional media such as CNN and the New York Times have 25m and 12m Facebook followers respectively.” — Financial Times

“Unfortunately I spent an hour reading Brandon’s bio, and many of his websites and determined he’s not someone I want to put in front of my young corporate manager audience.” – Kevin Kruse, LEADx

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The Left continues to censor and silence conservative opinion wherever they can; yet the wolves of political correctness, liberal media outlets, and the powerful tech industry do not make the network of conservative websites and Facebook pages in Liberty Alliance’s network cower in fear. Will you stand with us, conservative?

If you are a conservative, you must read Brandon Vallorani’s new book, published by ForbesBooks.

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The Wolves and the Mandolin: Celebrating Life’s Privileges in a Harsh World from Brandon Vallorani on Vimeo.

In Liberty Alliance founder Brandon Vallorani’s new book, The Wolves and The Mandolin, you will…

  • Look behind-the-scenes at the inner workings of the internet political juggernaut that dwarfed CNN, confounded the New York Times, and helped Donald Trump get elected as our 45thPresident
  • Discover the patriotic history of the Vallorani Family… From Patriarch Luigi’s harrowing escape from the sword of Muslim warriors to Big D’s service fighting freedom’s enemies in the South Pacific during WWII
  • See firsthand how faith, a big vision, and good old fashioned hard work can build a business from nothing into an Inc. 5000 company for five consecutive years
  • Learn the inside secrets to successfully sellingproducts online
  • Find tips on experiencing peace and happiness despite the wolves of life and business that are snapping at your heels
  • Hear Brandon’s vision for bringing a divided nation together over a cup of craft coffee, a glass of fine wine, or an exquisite cigar

“Luigi’s pursuit of the American Dream still lives within his great-grandson. Much as Luigi stood  his ground during battles in Benghazi and Sciara, Brandon’s perseverance and old world determination has enabled him to maintain his entrepreneurial spirit and succeed while dodging his own bullets in the form of two recessions. This journey is as much about a family’s history as it is our nations. “ – Steven A. Castleton, Recipient of U.S. Army Outstanding Civilian Service Medal

The Wolves and The Mandolin preorder release will open on at 

3pm EST (2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST) on 

Thursday, March 9, 2017!

Anyone who purchases the book from within an hour of release on Thursday March 9 and emails us the receipt will receive the gifts COMPLETELY FREE! Mark your calendars now! 🇺🇸

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