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Common Sense and Decency go to War with Hollywood

So a few years back, my wife, who typically is a tech hater, became enamored with our DVR. She was so pleased that she could be practically commercial free she wanted to dance a jig. Then it happened!!! A Charlie Brown Christmas came on Network TV. She recorded it for the children and KNOWING that the movie was safe, sat down to watch it with them without previewing it. A couple of commercial breaks in she let out a shriek. I thought maybe a wild animal had roamed into the living room so I went to investigate. She sent the kids out of the room and showed me the commercial for a New Year’s Eve show featuring a former Disney Channel Star who was practically buck naked and straddling a round hunk of iron presumably attached to a crane. She was NOT pleased. It was the last straw for her. Please note she only saw the commercial because she had to hit rewind to get the show to its starting point. BUT she knew that there would be families who watched it without the benefit of the DVR and even worse, parents who trustingly let their children watch it without their supervision. Now my wife, being an all or nothing kind of girl, deleted it and went to purchase the DVD and declared WE would not watch that channel EVER again.

Well, it seems she is not the only one fed up with trashy content in movies, TV shows and commercials. A company out of Utah named VidAngel decided to create a filter so that parents could watch movies without the trash. Hollywood IS NOT PLEASED!!!

According to the Los Angeles Times:

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Brothers Neal and Jordan Harmon wanted to show how rampant profanity in “The Wolf of Wall Street” harms families. So they made a viral ad.

The two-minute video showed a family of four getting blasted by 3,192 paintballs, one for every swear and curse in the 2013 movie. “Every word has an impact,” the caption read, “Protect yourself & your family.”

The video was a promotion for VidAngel, a Provo, Utah-based streaming service that lets people filter out the swear words, sex and violence from Hollywood movies for $1 each. The service has attracted hundreds of thousands of people to its website that erases the naughty bits from movies including “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the “Captain America” series and even “Zootopia

“There’s a wide gap between much of the content Hollywood creates and what families want to allow into their homes,” said Neal Harmon, 38. “VidAngel gives families a tool to bridge that gap.”

But VidAngel has incurred the wrath of the film industry, which says it’s little better than Napster dressed up for churchgoers. The Walt Disney Co., Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox Film and Warner Bros. Entertainment in June sued the startup for illegally ripping DVDs and streaming without a license.

VidAngel and parental advocates say that what really irritates the studios is the sanitization of their movies for squeamish audiences. VidAngel’s team of high-profile lawyers say the business is protected from piracy claims by a law that allows people to tweak movies they own for personal use.

Directors such as Steven Spielberg and Robert Altman decried the services, saying they compromised the artistic integrity of the filmmakers’ work.

Yeah because without dropping the F bomb and having half naked people roaming around you would totally miss the point.

The wife only goes to movies made by the Kendrick Brothers , watches maybe 3 channels even though we have hundreds, and dares to say if I want to be entertained I should read a BOOK. I wonder if I can get George Lucas to declare her a fascist because I really want to go see the new Star Wars movie without her giving me the stink eye.

It will be interesting to see how the courts rule, though I suspect I already know.

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