Common Sense Californians Revolt Against Sickening Sanctuary Status

The state of California has been the setting for one of the most prolific fights in the history of American national security, with the liberal leadership having taken the reigns of several doomed policies in recent years.

California is, in many ways, the ultimate Blue State.  With the population centers of the extremely posh and expensive southern coastal cities holding the rest of the state hostage, electorally, there is even talk about the state splitting into two to allow for the traditional Americans living in the more mountainous regions of Cali to get a fair shake at legislating themselves.

While that pipe dream may still be decades away, (if it ever occurs), Californians are already clashing with one another over the liberal government’s “sanctuary” status.

Just more than a week after tiny Los Alamitos voted to defy California’s law protecting immigrants in the country illegally, Orange County is poised to become a counterpoint against the state’s resistance to the Trump administration’s policies.

On Tuesday, Orange County supervisors may consider whether to take up a resolution to condemn and possibly take legal action against the state’s “sanctuary” laws.

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“These state laws are preempted by federal law,” Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson said. “Our officers actually face penalties under state law if they so much as talk to federal agents for the wrong thing. That’s just unacceptable and it’s contrary to federal law.”

Nelson said he’ll broach in closed session whether to join a federal lawsuit against the state or launch its own litigation.

The “sanctuary” city movement came home to roost in California at the dawn of the Trump Era, with liberal lawmakers hoping to gain tractions among the “resistance”-minded millennial voters.

As the left’s views radicalize, a great many patriotic Americans are shunning the progressive stance, however.  A return to law and order is far more desirable to these patriots, and they are letting the lunatic liberals of Commie-fornia know it.

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, along with other California sheriffs, spoke out in opposition to the law, SB 54. On Monday, Hutchens made inmate release dates — including for those in the country illegally — public in response to the state law.

“We have an obligation to safeguard our community and we will use every tool available to help hold criminals accountable,” said Orange County Undersheriff Don Barnes. “Our inability to relinquish these individuals to the custody of ICE causes them to be returned to the communities which they prey upon.”

From Jan. 1 to March 19, the agency released 172 inmates in the country illegally into the community because state law prohibited authorities from notifying ICE, said Carrie Braun, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department. It’s unclear if any of those people — whose convictions include domestic violence, theft, driving under the influence and criminal threats — have recidivated.

This vicious cycle doesn’t seem too difficult to understand, yet the left continues to completely botch their response to the problem of illegal immigration.  Why?

Well, for one thing, illegal immigrants and their families are often supporters of the democratic party, due to the left’s leniency when it comes to customs and border control.  The democrats, like all liberal political entities, are hellbent on maintain voter rolls, with little regard left for the safety or legality of their constituents.


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