Commie-Fornia Adds New Tech to License Plates To Ensure Subservience

Out there in the wild western woods of California, the liberal left has taken control of nearly every facet of society, from the language that we used to describe one another, to what sort of energy we are allowed to use in our homes.

We must admit that a great deal of this policy sounds authoritarian, and that’s because it is.  The entire idea of progressivism is forcing your populace to continue innovating, even after reaching peak productivity.  This runs counter to the natural order of things, and results in anxiety, gluttony, and greed as opposed to moderation and peace.  So, in order to push us into these sinful ways, the left must accrue authority and then dish it back out to us in the form of social and legal complexities.

The latest of these unnecessary and demeaning pieces of societal change will come to Californians in the form of a new way for police to monitor them, embedded right in their license plates.

California’s dramatic new license plate is hitting the streets — a digital display board that allows changeable messages controlled by the driver or remotely by fleet managers.

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The new plates use the same computer technology as Kindle eBook readers, along with a wireless communication system.

They come with their own computer chips and battery.

There are already concerns being voiced, many of which you may have already pondered yourself in the short amount of time that it’s taken you to get to here.

The technology comes with a high price, however, and has already prompted questions about privacy and safety.

Dealerships are expected to sell the plates for $699, not including installation costs. Users also must pay a monthly fee of about $7. The plates are not available through the DMV.

Some drivers are questioning whether the device’s communications system could allow the state, the police or private companies to track a driver’s movements.

In a recent blog posting, Alex Roy, an editor at The Drive website, raised those and other questions.

“What little privacy we have left is annihilated,” he wrote. “This makes sense for fleet management. For my personal car? No thanks.”

What will be ever more contentions, however, will be when this limited trial run winds up making its way to the True California Patriots living far outside of the leftist bubble of the bay area.  Will Truckee feel the same way about Los Angeles when it comes to adding a government device to their personal property?

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