James Comey

Comey’s Classless Conniving Unearthed by IG Report on Clinton Case

The interwoven and cluster-like threads of James Comey’s time in the Federal Bureau of Investigation are just now being unraveled by our nation’s top investigators, and the resulting pile of evidence is not looking all that good for the disgraced former director of the failing intelligence agency.

Comey, like a great many of the Obama-era mischief makers in the D.C. Swamp, was a tried and true supporter of the democratic party, and the Deep State interests that they have done such a wonderful job of propagating.  In fact, one of Comey’s most famous mistakes comes to us from an era in which the DNC and the Deep State had fully melded together to anoint Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee for President, even amid reports that the former First Lady had inexcusably compromised American national security in order to hide a number of State Department emails that would otherwise have received unwanted scrutiny from government watchdogs.

Given that Clinton was wildly embarrassed by Donald Trump in the general election, it comes as no surprise that the Jimmy-Hillary collusion investigation did indeed bear fruit.  Just how rotten that fruit is, however, is surprising to even the most hardened political observer.

The Justice Department’s internal watchdog has concluded that James Comey defied authority at times during his tenure as FBI director, according to sources familiar with a draft report on the matter.

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One source told ABC News that the draft report explicitly used the word “insubordinate” to describe Comey’s behavior. Another source agreed with that characterization but could not confirm the use of the term.

In the draft report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz also rebuked former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her handling of the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s personal email server, the sources said.

The draft of Horowitz’s wide-ranging report specifically called out Comey for ignoring objections from the Justice Department when he disclosed in a letter to Congress just days before the 2016 presidential election that FBI agents had reopened the Clinton probe, according to sources. Clinton has said that letter doomed her campaign.

What will be the next step for our already tense populist President, who likely saw these results coming from a mile away?  Will Comey be the first of the Deep State dimwits to face judgment for their part in the attempted American coup of the DNC in 2016?

Given the tumult currently smashing its way through the U.S. countryside, the President may have bigger fish to fry, but there is little doubt that Comey will be served his just desserts by Donald Trump.  It will just be a matter of doing it at precisely the correct time.

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