COMEY TESTIFIES: Trump NEVER Requested an End To Russia Probe

Around the nation, and especially in Washington D.C, bars and restaurants have opened early to air the Jame Comey testimony as if it were some sort of UFC bout.

Instead, in its first half our, the affair has been much more of a confirmation of Donald Trump’s previous assertions.  Not only has Comey reiterated the fact that President Donald Trump never, ever, directed James Comey to end his probe into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election, Comey has been forced to admit that the President’s “hope” is not a criminal offense.


While this will come as no news for those paying attention to Comey’s previous claims and written testimony, there has certainly been a collective groan coming from the left as Comey delivered the news in front of the congressional cameras.  Where these liberal twerps are gathered, watching the Comey hearing with baited breath, a distinct and morose mood has overcome them.  Their last ditch effort to delegitimize The Donald is losing steam, quickly, and that is going to be a rude awakening for the democrats.

It’s a good thing that these leftists are gathered at bars, because they’re going to need a drink by the end of this.

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