Comey Investigation a Distraction from Wikileaks Emails?

The Comey investigation apparently ended abruptly on Sunday leaving us to figure out: Why?

The supposedly reopened Comey investigation found no reason to prosecute, we are told.

According to the Daily Mail,

The FBI has announced it will not make any changes to its July decision on Hillary Clinton’s emails, meaning the Democratic nominee will not be charged.

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Congressman Jason Chaffetz first tweeted out the massive news on Sunday afternoon before FBI Director James Comey released a letter that said the investigation was closed.

‘FBI Dir just informed us ‘Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Sec Clinton’,’ Chaffetz wrote.

Speaking to reporters with Clinton in Cleveland, Ohio, Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri confirmed the camp had seen Comey’s letter.

‘We have seen Director Comey’s latest letter to the Hill. We are glad to see that he has found, as we were confident that he would, that he has confirmed the conclusion that he reached in July, and we’re glad that this matter is resolved,’ Palmieri said.

The investigation was reopened on October 28 – sparked by a story that revealed Anthony Weiner was sending sexually explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl. The emails in question were found on Weiner’s laptop.

It seems weird to me that the Comey investigation, if it could be resolved so quickly, would have warranted a letter to Congress that caused all the controversy.

What’s going on?

One theory is that the NYPD forced Comey to reopen the investigation. They saw what was on Weiner’s computer and knew the FBI had to ask. The NYPD is a powerful force and the FBI could not make them keep quiet about what they knew.

So the NYPD was the reason for Comey’s investigation. Evidently, something has changed.

That’s one theory. Another is that there are still other investigations of the Clinton Foundation going on. Perhaps that is true.

Still another theory is that the Comey investigation was a distraction to keep something worse out of the news (like this, for instance).

Rush Limbaugh suggested this theory, though he said it was not his belief, but that of a cynical friend. Mediaite reports,

Limbaugh said that the revelations in the Wikileaks material were “starting to hurt” the Clintons and that the renewed interest in an FBI investigation into her private email server would be a fruitless distraction.

The radio host likened Comey to the “Lone Ranger,” riding to the Clinton campaign’s rescue. He added that Comey was “still carrying water for Clinton and is trying to get everybody to stop paying attentions to the Wikileaks dump.”

Limbaugh qualified that this was the “cynical” interpretation of recent events.

Well, now the Comey investigation has proved “fruitless”—just as the theory suggested. So was it intended as a distraction?

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