James Comey

Comey and Colbert Get Chummy, Spend Late Night Bashing POTUS

It seems like everywhere we look, we are inundated with vitriolic, venomous hate toward our Commander in Chief – something that the left is not only participating in, but encouraging as well.

Of course, a big reason why this sentiment has become so prevalent over the last few years is the advent of realtime social media, where anyone can become a star overnight, simply by employing a “hot take” on Twitter.

But that hasn’t stopped celebrities from spending time, resources, and salaries on a cast of supporting members whose only job is to craft the perfect, leftist narrative for display every evening.  Such is the case with Stephen Colbert, the former Comedy Central satirist whose stint on The Late Show has become the de fact anti-Trumo outlet for late night television.  Now, after a recent interview with James Comey, the nation is bucking back against the biased basis of the interview.

Former FBI director James Comey sat down on Stephen Colbert’s couch Tuesday night and mocked President Donald Trump, describing his leadership style as “strikingly similar” to that of a mob boss.

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“The leadership style is actually strikingly similar,” Comey said. “I don’t mean it in the sense that Donald Trump is out breaking legs or shaking down shopkeepers. I mean it in the sense that he leads, it’s all about the boss. What will serve the boss best? How are you helping the boss? It’s all about that person and nothing external to that.”

Comey, the disgraced former federal spook, went on to insinuate that he was the nagging trouble within the White House, with this best Walter White impression.

But instead of delivering an iconic “I am the danger” moment, Comey dropped a much, much softer soliloquy.

“He’s tweeted at me probably 50 times,” Comey told Colbert. “I’ve been gone for a year, I’m like the breakup he can’t get over. He wakes up in the morning … I’m out there living my best life, he wakes up in the morning and tweets at me.”

Except that James Comey is not out there, living his “best life” and moving on.  Comey just wrote an entire book about this.  That’s why he was even asked to appear on The Late Show to begin with. We mustn’t forget that.

Americans all over the internet were quick to pounce on Comey’s nonsense.


With Comey’s book taking a beating at the newsstands, will this Colbert debacle finally put an end to the 15 minutes of fame that the fired FBI chief has whittled for himself?  We can only hope so.

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