When it comes to Donald Trump is Rush Limbaugh Deluding Himself?

This week Rush Limbaugh was pushing Trump.  His listeners are on a Trump trip through the land of make believe.

Rush Limbaugh pushes Trump  and tries to make you believe he is a conservative this week.  Rush has told us repeatedly that he wants to be objective during the primaries so that he can get behind the nominee.  We have been told over and over again by Rush that this has been his long standing practice.  I don’t believe that for a minute.  For those of us who’ve been following Rush from the beginning, nothing could be further from the truth.   Let’s review some presidential primary and general election history, and let’s start from the beginning.

Rush Limbaugh threw a big fat wet blanket on Bob Dole in 1996. 

It was the summer of 1996 and I was working a summer job at the Boar’s Head Inn in Charlottesville Virginia while I was in college. I worked early morning till about 1 or so. I had a long commute home to Staunton, Virginia and would listen to Rush drone on and on about his listeners needing to stop getting excited about seeing Bob Dole yard signs popping up all over the land. These Dole yard signs were anecdotal according to Rush. Remember that bit?  Limbaugh would bring it up all the time.  He would recycle this bit for years to come.  To be honest? I don’t remember Limbaugh going out of his way to defend Bob Dole at all.   I was hoping Rush would say something positive about Dole during that time — that somehow we would be getting rid of Bill Clinton.  The truth is, Limbaugh knew Dole would lose.  The truth is, Rush wasn’t going to put his brand out there for someone who is going to go down in flames.

So the big question now is why does Limbaugh want us to believe Trump wins while ignoring the overwhelming data supporting that he does not?

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According to Rush Limbaugh we are supposed to put faith in his gut that Trump is going to beat Hillary in a landslide. Trump saw the numbers for Dole in 1996 and knew he would lose, so why is he not seeing the numbers now?  

A CNN poll released on Wednesday morning shows Trump with the following unfavorability numbers among key demographics:

64 percent among women.
73 percent among non-whites.
70 percent of voters younger than 30 years of age.
67 percent among college graduates.
57 percent of moderates.
37 percent of conservatives.

Trump and ClintonWhen I listen to Rush Limbaugh I am supposed to believe that somehow Trump is going to just huff and puff and blow Hillary’s house down.   That’s a tale right out of the land of make believe.  We just need to ignore how the Democrat party and their friends in the media are going to go full scorched earth on real opposition research against Trump.  The attacks against Trump were really nothing in this primary.  Most of this opposition research is absolutely true. Truth has a way of making a bigger impact than lies and smears, regardless if it’s coming from Hillary Clinton. Thing is, Hillary Clinton can sit there and smile and let the Marxist Media do her wet work for her against Trump with what’s coming down the pipeline.

Rush Limbaugh hung John McCain out to dry in 2000 against Bush

Here’s the even bigger rub. You better believe Limbaugh inserts himself in primaries.  Not only did Rush trash McCain, he had endless comedy and song parodies for John McCain. I know McCain is a hated figure among conservatives, but to suggest that Rush was on the sidelines just doing play by play during the 2000 primary is just silly. He was all in for George W. Bush and it was quite obvious.

Going from trashing McCain in 2000 to trying to make the case for Trump now,  I believe something happened with Rush Limbaugh in 2008.

Apparently Limbaugh must of gotten blow back from some Establishment folks. Perhaps Rush was cut off from McCain in 2008 from access based on sour grapes from 2000. This idea he’s staying out of the primary and blindly backing the nominee has been his habit from the beginning, is simply not true.  It’s a fairly new phenomena.  Limbaugh spent most of his time in 2012 playing nice with Romney instead of telling the truth about Romney’s record and associations.  Funny thing is, the last Republican nominee to come on Rush’s show was George W. Bush.  George W. talked with Rush the day before the election in 2000.  McCain snubbed him in 2008 and Romney in 2012. We haven’t seen standard operation procedure from Rush with staying out of primaries and vetting GOP nominees.  We’ve seen a gradual decline of telling the truth about candidates.  Trump is the perfect example.   The only thing Rush can do is to point to is his gut on why we should support Trump and try to make you believe that Trump can win.

Limbaugh has created his own prison with his support for Trump now. Rush feels obligated to be Trump’s cheerleader no matter how many liberal positions that Trump takes. Limbaugh is in a land of make believe.

Follow Limbaugh’s show closely.  He sounds more and more like Trump’s religious followers.  It’s not about policy.  It’s not about conservative principles.  It’s simply about Trump being a force of nature whose personality and persona is going to win him the White House. It’s completely contradictory to what Rush has been preaching for the past 20 plus years on his show.  It’s either about bold colors — not pale pastels — or it’s not.  It’s either about policy and a clearly articulated vision for the future of America, or it’s not.  Rush is essentially saying that conservative principles don’t matter and that somehow populism will win.   The truth is Hillary will dissect Trump on his liberalism and flip flops.  The truth is Hillary will drown out that populism with the truth about Trump on his record, his world view and his personal life.  Limbaugh has created his own prison, and in the end it’s going to hurt his credibility forever.


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