Comedy Central’s Latest ‘Apolitical’ News Show is all About ‘Fake News’

The timing for Comedy Central’s newest faux news special couldn’t be better.

The past few days saw ABC News serve up a megaton retraction, followed closely by Reuters and CNN. It’s almost like they knew the channel had a special dubbed “Fake News” in the offing and wanted to lend a hand.

Only “The Fake News with Ted Nelms” isn’t what you expect.

“Fake News,” debuting at 10 p.m. EST Dec. 13, isn’t interested in roasting real headlines. The stories here are genuine fiction, even if President Donald Trump, Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other politicians appear during the hour-long special.

This isn’t yet more hard-left comedy ignoring half the nation. The news media is in the cross hairs, not any politician with an “R” before his or her name. It’s the presentation, stupid.

  • The slick graphics
  • The condescending tone
  • The supercilious sanctimony
  • The talentless talking heads
  • Silly polls that reveal … nothing

It bears repeating that the vast majority of “Fake News” isn’t political at all. Case in point? A recurring segment on President Trump getting trapped in a well. It’s goofy and meant to mock media coverage far more than the current Commander in Chief.


Yes, there’s still room for bipartisan comedy in our culture. And, at its best, “The Fake News” shows how funny it can be when you’re not stuffing sketches with talking points.

Sure, faux anchor Ed Helms and co. poke fun at the President’s Twitter tics. It’s not done in a cruel, or overtly political fashion. When the special cuts and pastes politicians caught on video it’s only for guffaws, not to hammer home a partisan point.

We even get a segment mocking both the “Deplorables” and “Snowflakes” weaponizing a killer’s identity for their selfish political needs. Sharp stuff, and a fine example of fair and balanced political humor. A quick shot at “Fox & Friends” breaks the mood, but only for a moment.

Even with an eye on bipartisan yuks the special can’t help but bash the Second Amendment…


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