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Comedy Central Show To Lay Off Trump Jokes, Calls It “Boring”

While South Park began as a raunchy, fart-joke filled animated series about 4th graders, it quickly turned into a social commentary machine that pushed the boundaries of what broadcasters were willing to put up with.

Sure, a great many of the ideas contained within the show were a bit blasphemous, and certainly liberal, but creator Trey Parker and Matt Stone have given their fair share of airtime to lambasting the left as well, particularly in the “political correctness police” story arcs of recent seasons.  Of course, the show famous for being unafraid to tackle any subject had their own facsimile of Donald Trump in the form of one of the show’s more deranged elementary school teachers, but one of the creators of the long-running program says not to expect any more “boring” Trump jokes when the show returns for a 21st season.

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The following exchange originally appeared in the LA Times:

“[LA Times:]  ‘South Park’ turns 20 this year. Has it gotten harder over those years to do satirical comedy, especially now that everyone on the Internet can make their own jokes off the latest news within seconds?

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“[Trey Parker:]  ‘Yeah, and it’s also just gotten boring. We weren’t ever really that show. We would do an entire season and there would be one moment that played off something that had just happened and people would go, “ ‘South Park’ is the show that does that.” And that’s just not true. We’re not.’

“‘We did start to become that, though, especially the last season. We fell into the same trap that ‘Saturday Night Live’ fell into, where it was like, ‘Dude, we’re just becoming CNN now. We’re becoming: “Tune in to see what we’re going to say about Trump.” ‘ Matt and I hated it but we got stuck in it somehow.’

“This season I want to get back to Cartman dressing up like a robot and [screwing] with Butters, because to me that’s the bread and butter of ‘South Park’: kids being kids and being ridiculous and outrageous but not ‘did you see what Trump did last night?’ Because I don’t give a … anymore.’

“‘We probably could put up billboards — “Look what we’re going to do to Trump next week!” — and get crazy ratings. But I just don’t care.'”

Could this be the sign that the liberal “resistance” is truly fading into obscurity, or is this just the opinion of a man who has insulted it all?

The left has been obsessed with the defamation and delegitimization of the President in recent months, going to extreme ends to offend and outrage conservatives and patriots.  All of this vile vitriol and hate-filled heresy culminated in the first shots of the New Civil War being fired earlier this month as Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on a baseball field full of republican congressmen.

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