Comedian Rob Schneider Made Liberal Heads Explode with One Tweet

The very funny Rob Schneider has been making people laugh for years. Whether during his time on Saturday Night Live, or on one of the many TV shows he’s been a part of, or in movies like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, the Waterboy, Down Periscope, the Benchwarmers, 50 First Dates, etc., he’s always found a way right to the funny bone.

Recently, he crafted a Tweet that made conservatives laugh and liberals weep.

Once the liberals stopped their tears, they began lighting up the Twitterverse with misdirected anger. It seems that Schneider’s hilariously on-point tweet was not appreciated by all.

Here are a few of their responses:

And on and on it goes.

Schneider is right, liberals have lost all ability to reason and instead they have simply turned to emotional bellyaching, while projecting their fears and failures on the rest of America. They chose to run a candidate that as famed Who singer Roger Daltry says couldn’t have beaten “a dead dog” in the election. Now they’re looking to blame everyone but themselves for their poor choices, and Rob’s simple but elegant tweet triggered their latest spasm of rage.

Hopefully, Schneider will keep up the great tweet-work. We love seeing liberals cry, which is all they seem to be doing these days.

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Onan Coca

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