Comedian Jackie Mason Slams Democrats Pretending they’re Winning when they’re Losing

The brilliant comedian Jackie Mason has some great insights into America’s current political issues and you will want to hear them. During a segment on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM, Mason argued that the Democrats keep pretending that they’re winning even as they keep losing.

“The Democrats keep telling you about how they are winning and meanwhile they are losing every election.

Meanwhile, they tell you Trump is failing; he is fading; he is going to become a worthless proposition within an hour and a half… One way or another he’ll be wiped out. And while they are announcing it, all of the sudden you notice that they are losing every election.

If Trump is so worthless and the country hates him so much how come they are losing every election? There were just now four or five elections and they just lost every one of them. And they keep trying to find excuses for why they lost. They didn’t lose because they are not popular. They are popular, the Democrats are doing great it is just the votes that they are losing. If not for the votes they would be doing much better.

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But they say another excuse they keep announcing is that they are losing by less and less. The fact that they are losing by less and less doesn’t mean that they are losing, it means that they are winning. You just need time before you notice that they are winning because they keep losing. You can’t judge by a person losing that they are not winning. And they are coming closer and closer to winning. By the time 20 or 30 years passes who knows? They might actually win a real election.”

This is all a part of the Democrats (and their friends in the media) pattern. Remember all of the talk about the GOP’s demise during the Obama years? Even as the GOP was growing stronger and stronger through (because of) the Obama era? Today the GOP holds 1000 more legislative seats across the nation, including a strong majority in the House, a slim majority in the Senate, and they are ensconced in the White House. In recent months the Democrats have lost ALL 5 special elections to replace legislators who were hired by the Trump administration, and yet, Democrats continue to pretend that all is well and they’re getting ready to turn their fortunes around.

It’s laughable. It’s preposterous. It’s comical.

Maybe that’s why it took a comedian like Mason to explain it.

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