Comedian Evan Sayet Explains why Nationalism can be a Force for Good

The spectacular and funny Evan Sayet recently had the opportunity to deliver a powerful and important speech to the folks attending the American Freedom Alliance Conference.

Sayet was tasked with explaining how the left had corrupted the term “nationalism” and turned it into something it wasn’t, meanwhile they had built a fantasy around the term “socialism” and in so doing perverted truth.

The reality is that nationalism is a morally neutral term that can be good when in response to a good, and great nation like the United States. Socialism, on the other hand, is always morally negative because it requires some in the society to be enslaved to the will of others.

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Listen, learn, and then share:

Evan Sayet speaking at the American Freedom Alliance Conference: “Crushing Free Speech – How the Left Silences Dissent and How We Can Fight Back.”

Evan Sayet spoke more about this issue with Joe Messina on the Real Side. The conversation begins about 30 minutes into the show:

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