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Comedian Attacks Franken Accuser: Groping is “Not Sexual Assault”

When your’e a liberal star they just let you do it.  And by “it”, I mean say anything you want about anyone you want with minimal repercussions.

This has been especially true in the case of the President Donald Trump who has been undeniably under attack by the liberal left over the course of the last two years.  Not only has he endured wild conspiracy theories, claims of all manner, and several death threats, but just today it became known that a prominent Florida democrat opened a speech in the city of Sunshine with a joke about the President drowning in the Potomac River.

The left has been dragging this incendiary schtick throughout the entirety of their ethos as of late, deciding that, with the media’s backing, whatever they choose to utter will be turned into common-law by the folks at CNN, Snopes, Facebook, and more.

So, is it really any surprise that former Netflix host turned “activist” Chelsea Handler is now attempting to decide what constitutes whether or not a woman feels that she has been sexually assaulted?

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Comedian and liberal activist Chelsea Handler came to the defense of disgraced former Sen. Al Franken on Sunday, arguing that groping does not constitute sexual assault.

In defending Mr. Franken against numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, Ms. Handler admitted during an interview with Buzzfeed News that she’s grabbed people’s genitals “many times” in photographs before and didn’t think that should be considered sexual assault.

“I don’t want to diminish anyone’s legitimate claim of feeling like they’ve been assaulted, because that’s your feeling,” she said. “But I think there is a very big difference of a man putting his arm around you — he’s a comedian, I’ve touched people’s breasts and genitals I can’t imagine how many times in photos. That doesn’t excuse it, but that’s something, that’s not rape. That’s not sexual assault, and it’s not repeated behavior over and over again.”

For someone who preaches tolerance on the regular, this is certainly a disturbing turn of events.

Furthermore, Handler will undoubtedly find her feminism card revoked…if she doesn’t get a free pass for this horrific statement from the media first.

That’s where it’s up to you, dear reader, to spread this story far and wide.  We must make it and undeniable part of the Hollywood ethos that Chelsea Handler defended a man who used his position of power to repeatedly grope and harass a young woman who was just doing her job.

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